Guild Information
Guild name Hand of Set
Timezone EST, but open for everyone
Language English

Hand of Set is accepting Applications

Hear the call of your Father, hear the hisses in the dark. For now is the time, now is the hour To rise and increase his Power slaying and fighting, wearing His mark

Purify this world of the heathen keep pure the stygian land We will not be beaten Come now and Join the Hand.

He speaks to me in rhyming voices telling me there are no choices to live and die in his holy name while spreading his cleansing flame

Fear not the heathen warriorkind for they are lazy and weak of mind we will destroy them, on that you can bet Join us now, and be a Hand of Set

- Nadraxes Ibn Shakir - Disciple of The Hand

  • Please note that though we accept applications, we are quite picky on who we accept. Our application process is long and detailed. If you wish to join this guild, be prepared for such.

1. Who are we?

Hand of Set is a RP/PvP guild for the game Age of Conan. The guild was created in June of 2006 by our Prophet, Nkosi. Many months later, High Priestess Sanakhti would take over the leadership of the guild. The guild is now run by a Council of five, each over a respective Sphere of influence. The spheres are Military(pvp), PvE/quests, City building/planning, Diplomacy, Role-Playing, and Guild Records and Roster.

2. How many members does Hand of Set have? Currently we have 103 active members in Hand of Set. Unlike many of the other Pre-Game guilds out there, we do monthly roll calls at random times. Thus if you are not active on our forums, you miss the roll call and are removed from the guild. Roll Calls are announced via the forums and emails. This gives plenty of warning to all members. But the basic principle is: We have 103 "Active" members. In previous roll calls we have removed nearly 100 "less active" members. Some guilds boast high numbers, we boast active and dedicated members.

3. What is with the spheres of influence?

Each sphere I named above has one Council Member leading it and one Apostle assisting. The Apostles were each elected into the position by the entire membership. The reason we have broken our guild leadership into Spheres is we feel it is easier to manage that way. Each Council Member has complete control over their sphere and makes decisions in that sphere without the need of council meetings or voting. This eliminates red tape and allows decisions and progress to be made quicker. Obviously if a decision needs to be made that potentially effects all spheres, the Council meets and votes on it.

4. What are Hand of Set's plans once AoC is out.

Hand of Set is a RP/PvP guild. This basically translates into Hand of Set choosing a RP/PvP server. Hand of Set does not require it's members to role-play, but it does not look down upon those who do. Hand of Set will be a major player in Player verses Player and we intend to put much of our resources and effort into such. We also plan to conquer all of the PvE content. Basically we are attempting to achieve everything possible in the world of Hyboria. The guild wishes to be a suitable home for die hard pvpers, role-players,and PvErs. Expect 2-3 PvE raids a week, a couple of Role-Play events a week, and PvP every day.

5. What are the requirements for becoming a member of Hand of Set?

In order to become a member, you must:

1. Choose Stygian as a race. There are no exceptions..none.

2. The only priest class we allow are Scions of Set. No others. No exceptions. None.

3. Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth.

4. You must be at least 17 years of age.

Go here and fill out an application. After submitting your application, you will be contacted via the forums for a voice interview in Ventrilo. If the applicant is approved, he/she becomes a full member. This is for Pre-Game only.

Once AoC is out, Hand of Set will continue to take applications, though we will be much more selective. Obviously once the is game out, we will have an easier time assessing the applicant's abilities. The same process will continue after the game is out, with one major exception. If the application is approved, the applicant will "NOT" become a full member until a one month trial is completed. Unlike many guilds, this one month trial is not a trial only in name. The Neophyte or applicant will undergo many tests to prove their worthiness in this month, some of which will try their patience, skill level, maturity and discipline.

6. Stygian only? No tanks? What gives?

An issue of some debate before on our forums here and our own website. The best way to answer it is this: We do not yet know how in game mechanics will work. I know, from 10yrs of mmo experience, that tanks are always required in order to succeed in major raids, etc. But AoC has shown it will be different in many respects. If Lichs and Heralds of Xotli can do the job, our policy will remain as is. If we need tanks to survive, then we will adjust. In summary, we "will" succeed in our plans to conquer PvE content and PvP. We will do what is necessary to succeed.

7. Does Hand of Set have in game alliances and enemies yet?

Absolutely. We are at war with Snowhawk Clan as we speak. Of course there is no way to give them the agonizing death they deserve right now, so we just taunt them at the moment. Out of game, we enjoy them. We talk on vent and enjoy each other's company. In game, we will fight each other with no mercy.

We are allied with Sanguiphoria, The Acolytes, and Black Lotus. This is an alliance most of the community is aware of. It joined four of the largest and most organized pre-game AoC guilds together in mutual defense and friendship.

There are other alliances that I will not go into here.

8. Are Europeans welcome in Hand of Set? Or is it US only?

Though we do accept European members, we are a US based guild. Our official time zone is EST. We will be on a US server. Europeans are highly advised to consider this before they apply to Hand of Set. The majority of our events, raids, etc will be done during US prime time hours, which is basically while the Europeans are asleep. This is simply because we are a US guild on a US server. Recently Funcom has announced via Friday Update that Europeans will be unable to play with US players unless they purchase a US copy. They also warned those who do to expect high latency. Please keep this in mind when applying to this guild if you are European.

9. Is Hand of Set really a guild of evil people?

Evil in game, not in real life..well not all of us..I I'm told....hmm. Yes Hand of Set is an evil guild and we will play it that way. As our dear Prophet Nkosi said, "Be warned. This will be a PVP guild full of evil players with many friends in the community. Betray us at your own peril."


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