To heal somebody means to refill their health, or HP. In Age of Conan most healing is done with HoTs (Healing over Time spells). Many of these spells have an initial, instant heal, followed by a weaker HoT. This allows healers to engage in activities other than non-stop healing. What a healer chooses to do between heals depends both on class and strategy: a healer may choose to attack the enemy with melee or magical attacks, use abilities that enhance the group's ability in battle, or use items or abilities to restore mana or stamina.

Every class in the Priest archetype is a capable healer, and Dark Templars have abilities to drain life from enemies for the group's benefit.

  • The Priest of Mitra is a class consisting of Aquilonian priests who serve the God Mitra. They are possibly the most typical healer class, as they heal from a relatively large range (for AoC) and their primary damage is magical (holy) and is used at range.
  • The Tempest of Set is a servant of the Stygian snake God Set, and these priests are fearsome damage-dealers. They deal electrical damage, and are known as one of the best AoE farming classes in the game. Their heals are strong, but their damage rivals that of pure DPS classes.
  • The Bear Shaman follows the Cimmerian shamanistic traditions, calling upon the power of the land for strength. This class uses the heaviest armor of any priest class (Medium) and powerful melee combos in conjunction with their heals to apply debuffs to enemies and aid the group. While lacking in ranged magical spells, the shaman's heals are very powerful, as long as the player healed is in range, encouraging the shaman to enter the fray more than other priests.
  • The Dark Templar will be able to heal itself along with other players; the class is designed to be a Tank/Healer, although their healing powers are not anywhere near those of a priest.