This article contains information about how to get started with using AoCWiki. This article does not cover how to format articles.

Registering an account Edit

If you wish to contribute to AoCWiki, registering an account is probably the first thing you should do. By registering an account you get your own user page, user talk page and people can see that you are the one contributing. You can, of course, edit articles without registering an account. That way, only your IP-address will be displayed as the contributor.

To register an account, go here. You do not have to give up your email address or your real name if you do not want to. Users under 13 years of age should not give up their real name.

Finding information Edit

To find information, try searching in the search box on the left menu or from this page.

If you press Go, you will be taken directly to the page with the title you entered, if there is one. Otherwise, it will search for articles containing the words you entered.

If you press Search, you will search through articles containing the words you entered in your query.

For more detailed information about searching a MediaWiki, visit MetaWiki - Help:Searching.

User Prefrences Edit

For information about how to edit your prefrences, please see MetaWiki - Help:Prefrences.

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