Herald of Xotli
Permitted Races
Cloth Armor
 Melee Based Casting Damage
Transform into a Demon to increase damage
Melee, Casting, or Hybrid, all viable for damage.
Mage (archetype)
Avatar (Melee Damage)
Possession (Casting Damage)

Heralds of Xotli are hybrids of the mage and soldier archetypes who wield alien spells and two-handed weapons, making them a formidable enemy on the battlefield. This class is for players who want to master both brutal swordplay and spectacular sorcery. As the result of demonology that went beyond the realms of hell and earth and out into the cold empty wastes beyond the realm of existence, they now faithfully serve Xotli, a demon-god of the Elder Night and an entity even the Atlanteans learned to fear.


Some of those who meddle in the demonic arts are either too weak-minded or venture too far down the path of demonology to remain untainted for long. The Heralds are those who with an insatiable lust for power regardless of the cost have bargained with the demon god Xotli and paid the ultimate price.

They become a host to true demonic forces, allowing their very flesh and blood to be twisted and shaped to the purposes of their master.

The arcane and twisted pacts that have allowed the Herald to call upon the power of Xotli mean that they are powerful and dreaded foes in combat. Whereas other priests or students of the demonic arts can call upon the servants or blessing of their respective deities the Herald actually transforms themselves into a walking incarnation of Xotli’s wrath.

Wielding demonic hellfire coupled with a mastery of monstrous axes and imposing swords, the Herald is a force to be reckoned with. The Herald can choose to master the flame, the blade, or to master neither but be adept at both.

Heralds who choose to become Avatars of their demonic god are lethal in close combat. Using magic to enchant their blades to burn their foes with each attack. Selling off more of his damned soul to transform himself into an Avatar of Xotli, further increasing physical and spell damage, and constantly burning nearby foes. The Avatar focuses on empowering his melee capabilities and maximizing the amount of time the Herald can morph into his demonic lord.

To gain immense knowledge of the Hellfire the Herald allows his demonic lord to Possess him. Under the Possession of his demonic master the Herald can speak in demonic tongues, casting spells of power unimaginable by mortals. Inflicting lingering burns on opponents to weaken healing effects and their stat regeneration. Burning foes that approach too close with Hellfire Breath, or using the Tongue of Xotli to incinerate opponents. While Possessed by Xotli the demonic lord will allow his pawn to cheat death, allowing the Herald to return to life if slain in combat.

One may choose to neither sell their entire soul or mind to Xotli, embracing both his melee and casting capabilities, burning his foes while striking them down with brutal slashes.


The Herald is a hybrid damage dealer. Like all mages they bring a damage shield aura for his allies.

The amount of buffs you bring for your allies depends on your build. Avatar augments his allies attacks with fire damage, along with occassionally spawning a Blood Pit that increases his allies health regeneration. Possession has an interrupt, a self ressurrect, and causes Desecrating Essence and Avatar of Xotli to stun nearby enemies. A hybrid build usually focuses on having the useful feats from both trees, while not specializing in either.

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