Symbol of The Hyrkanians



Hyrkania is Khitai’s western neighbor. There is no love lost between the two lands – in fact some scholars claim that the Great Wall was built to keep the Hyrkanian tribes from overrunning the territory claimed by the Khitans.

Though they both share the blood of the Lemurians, Hyrkanians are slightly taller and leaner than their Khitan counterparts – probably due to their life as nomads and horseriders.

Hyrkanians live by a strict code of honor which dictates the status of the warriors in their tribes. They consider certain crimes to be crimes of honor and they will always claim the cost of such crimes in blood.

One of the Hyrkanian Clans has found their way around the Great Wall of Khitai, entering Khitai through the broken wall in northern Kara Korum. They have not come to Khitai for conquest. They seek a man named Bhangi Khan, in order to make him pay for the crimes of his past.


Nothern Grasslands[]

Kara Korum[]

Chosain Province[]


Armor Sets[]

Hyrkanian Camp, Northern Grasslands (455, 1410)[]

Dungeon Light Armor[]
  • The Everlasting Sky (Barbarian)
  • The Tribes (Priest of Mitra, Tempest of Set)
Faction Light Armor[]
  • The Ancestors (Priest of Mitra, Tempest of Set)
  • The Greensward (Barbarian)

Dungeon Medium Armor

  • Passing Spirits (Bear Shaman)
  • The Clans (Ranger)
Faction Medium Armour[]
  • The Golden Horde (Ranger)
  • The Seven Suns (Bear Shaman)

Faction Weapon[]

Faction Items & Accessories[]