Ice Strike

Class Necromancer

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 25
Casting Time 2 seconds
Attack Rating Magic Rating (Frost)
Recast 1 second
Effect 41-49 points of frost damage on target

Creates a stream of razor-sharp slivers of ice, inflicting cold damage on the target and minor damage on nearby enemies.

This invocation creates a stream of cold that manifests into razor sharp slivers of ice inflicting cold damage on the target. This will be the primary go-to combat spell of the Necromancer, and can become a very effective, solid spell with the various Nightfall Feats improving it.

Additional Information[]

While Loathsome Teachings is active, triggers an additional Freeze effect.

With the Ice Shards Feat, the AOE effect is improved. It is also boosted by multiple other Feats in the Nightfall tree to improve damage, critical damage and defense reduction to the targets.