Rank Level Mana Cost Damage
1 14 151 177-295
2 35 251 236-392
3 50 327 361-602
4 65 414 459-765
5 80 461 488-812

When using this spell, one need to click on the ground to select the area in which the spell takes effect. That said area is pretty big, so be careful who is in that area, especially in PvP servers. Pretty useful to dispatch mobs, and good to use alternatively with Waves of Flame, waiting for the reload of each other.

Inferno of Amher
File:Inferno of amher icon.jpg
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Hostile Ground Target Area Spell
Range 20
Casting Time 2.5 seconds
Attack Rating Fire Specialization

The demonologist raises the fires of the demon Amher, devourer of suns, against their enemies. An enemy caught in the blast radius suffers instant fire damage.