Iron Tower
Level 80
Region Aquilonia
Zone Tarantia Commons District

End Boss Desumo
Player Limit 6

The Iron Tower brings the final chapter from the epic story of Tarantia Common District. This closure introduces a vast amount of new and challenging game play including four new epic boss encounters, five mini-boss encounters, the chance of five rare boss encounters, and many new exciting rewards for level 80.

Towering over the rooftops below, The Iron Tower can be seen from anywhere in the Tarantia Commons District.

History Edit

From the hands of Conan himself the Iron Tower was founded as a prison of civil confinement for the most malicious and vile criminals within Aquilonia. Murders, thieves and other deviant corrupted souls are here awaiting their unforseen judgement before the hands of Mitra.

"The grim Iron Tower stood apart from the citadel, amid a maze of narrow streets and crowding houses where the meaner structures, appropriating a space from which the more fastidious shrank, had invaded a portion of the city ordinarily alien to them. The Tower was in reality a castle, an ancient, formidable pile of heavy stone and black iron, which had itself served as the citadel in an earlier, ruder century." - Robert E. Howard, The Hour of the Dragon

Strategy Edit

The Executioner

Located downstairs in Iron Tower, he is mostly tank & spank, he will put a random player into a torture device from time to time, the team must dps the device down at that point, if not the team member will eventually die from the torture damage.


On the way to Anoki you'll meet five mini bosses, these drop a gem each(Red,Green,Blue,White and Yellow), the gems are needed in a later boss fight.Spread them out in the team one for each player. There's only five gems so one player will not get a gem, choose carefully who this player is because he'll not survive the Desumo encounter. It's usually a melee dps class that will not get a gem, for example a assasin,barbarian or Hox, because ranged dps(mages, ranger) can do dps on Desumo while the team is busy playing the color minigame.

To see the effects from Anoki all players must have All particles on(Not group or Myself, but ALL).

Anoki casts a Charm spell, to avoid getting charmed the players must run out of reach before the cast is finished. There will be a purple area on the ground the players must get out of this area to be safe from charm.

At 50% Anoki will return to her original spot, and spawn adds. The adds will eventually spread out and start a spell cast. At the end of the spell cast, the team will die from massive damage. So the team must nuke the adds down before this happens, you'll have about 1 minute.

After the adds are down it's tank and spank again, avoid charm, but there will also be a new green stun area, cast far away from Anoki, if your standing in the green area run to Anoki, or you'll be stunned.

Tank and spank her untill she dies.

Jail Boss

Trash mobs will sometimes drop a jail key, these keys can open the locked cells that are between Anoki and Desumo. Look into the cell, and try to see if there is a boss, open door and check. Boss is mostly tank & spank, while some spawn adds. There are five different jail bosses, but they spawn in the cells at random.


While clearing for Anoki you'll encounter some minibosses that drop gems as loot. It's important that these gems are spread around the team, one for each player. There are only 5 gems, so one player will not get one.

During the desumo fight, there will be colored pads at 75/50/25% HP, the players must run as fast as possible to the pad that corrredspond to their gem. Ie: if your gem is blue, run to the blue pad. The pads move and the players must run after their pad when that happens, this color game takes about a minute or two, just run to your pad, and when it's over go dps boss again.

If you zoom out you can see a total of 4 pads in your view, that way you can easily see where your pad has moved and run directly to it. If you dont see it then it must be the only pad you can't see and just run to that one.

Desumo does Holy damage, so tanks should wear holy protection gear. Desumo can not be moved, and must be tanked at the top of the stairs. He can be turned however, and it's important that he is turned to the sides or towards the back, because he does frontal AOE damage, and you don't want to cover the stairs with that.

Make sure that noone stands in the blue damage area on the ground, Main Tank moves out of it when it spawns, and all other players shouldnt be standing it it either.

When you start the fight, one tank run upstairs and tank the boss, the rest of the team kill one of the Avatars of mitra that float around downstairs. If you kill both they respawn, so just kill one, they do AOE dmg and it will help if you kill one so your team takes less damage during the color pad play.

Tank and spank the boss, but run down to prepare for the color pads 2% before they happen (77%/52%/27%), that way you have a little bit more time than if you run at 75/50/25.


You activate the hardmode at 75%, every player must find it's color within 3 seconds each time it changes for the entire period, all the pads must be covered by a player too, if you fail to do this you'll get a on screen msg saying “Pillars have been desecrated”, and the hardmode is over. Once the color game is over and you've not failed it the boss will be renamed to Rabidus and your in Hardmode. In Hardmode the boss will do unholy damage instead of holy.

The most common way to do this HM is to have all 5 gems on each player, and simply stand on the pads when they spawn.

Epic cloaks from Hardmode: Kosalan Grace, Kosalan Enruned

Last Boss: - The four Guardians

On the top of the instance there are four guardians, these guardians want to merge togheter. If you let them merge and kill the big guardian, then you complete the encounter in Normal Mode. However if you prevent them from merging by tanking and kiting them, and then kill them one by one you do the Hardmode version.

Hardmode tactic:

Colors: if you look closely on the guardians you'll see that they have different colors, downstairs there's a red and white guardian, while there's a blue and green upstairs. The colors can be handy when assignin targets to group members.

Tanks tank the two Guardians that are upstairs, and one player kites a guardian around the pillar, and another player kites a guardian around the outer wall downstairs. One healer runs around between the groups and heals when needed, the last dps kill of one of the tanked Guardians, then the second tanked one, and the group kill the one that is kited around the pillar before killing the outer wall kited one.

The soldiers that tank the Guardians, can use all their crowd controls on them to reduce incoming damage.

When the last Guardian die, a dog will spawn, kill the dog to get epic chest. Rumor has it that you should not crowd control the dog, or else you will not get loot. The dog will try to run away.

Epic Necklaces from Hardmode: Amulet of Souls, Amulet of Orastes

Quests Edit