Isle of Iron Statues is a End Game Solo Dungeon located in Coast of Ardashir in Turan .

"The Island of Iron Statues is a location taken directly from the stories of Robert E. Howard's Original Conan Tales - "Shadows in the Moonlight", and presents us with another fantastic opportunity to try and translate one of the stories into a Single-Player Experience that really allows us to immerse the player into Howard's World, and in this case, allow them to follow in the footstep's of the great barbarian himself. The original tale concerns Conan escaping to a remote Island in the Vilayet Sea, where he encounters the Red Brotherhood, a strange skulking creature, and mysterious Iron Statues. Over 20 years have passed since Conan first faced those dangers on that Island, so all is not as it was in his younger days. Long abandoned by any Pirate Forces - no doubt due to the dangers lurking here at night, the Island shows only glimpses of what was once there, and has vastly been overrun by the Jungle and it's Wildlife. The Ancient Evils, however, have not been banished and will challenge the player, just as they did Conan himself!"


When you run past the parrot you will notice that you get a Hunted timer on your castbar. It's a timetrial timer, if you make it out of the jungle before it runs out and kill the spider boss on the way, you'll recive a second loot chest when you kill the last boss. If you fail and the timer runs out while in the jungle, the last Ape boss will spawn and gank you.

Either kill the animals on the way, or run through them and reset them at various spots, as you progress the timer will update at certain points. The spider boss is just Tank & Spank, but it's a advantage to pull him out of the spider web area as that slows you down.

Iron Statues

Once out of the jungle you'll find yourself in a room with eight iron statues and a corpse in the middle on a altar. Loot the gem from the corpse, and the encounter starts. Put the gem on your hotbar, as it will make the "elite" statues become normal mobs when you use it on them while they walk towards the altar.

The statues will shrink when they reach the altar, and then they'll all attack the player. Notice that the statues are sorted into archtypes, mages, rogues, soldiers, and priests. The two statues that correspond to the players archtype will stun the player, making the encounter much harder.

So the archtype statues that are the same as the player should be the first to be killed once the encounter is activated. When the remaning statues reach the altar, then they should be Crowd Controlled as much as possible and damaged. If the player drops too much in health, then kite them around the outer edges of the room, untill Crowd Control abilities are off cooldown and health has regained. If you die, all statues will respawn and you have to do the entire encounter again.



Aratus is a optional boss, he is mostly tank and spank but when he "enrages", you can pull him into one of the traps in the area, the trap will remove the enrage. You can also use the traps if you need a break to regain health.

He also does knockback so be carefull to not be knocked off the cliff.

Rare loot: Spear of Aratus

Grey Man-Ape

When you enter the boss area notice 3 pads on the ground, the closest gives you a damage and migtation buff, the left one gives you a health regen buff, and the furthest away from entrance will knock the boss down.

When you start the encounter two birds will attack the player, take the damage


increase buff, and kill the birds as fast as possible, keep moving to avoid rocks from the boss that will knock you down if he hit you. After a while the boss will come down, and attack the player. The basic tactic is to keep damage and heal buff up, then dps the boss, stun him when available, and run out of range when the boss starts his fear cast(Terrorizing Roar).

Run down to the knockback pad, because the boss will start a to cast Unleash Fury soon after the fear, the only way to avoid the boss casting the enrage is to use the knockback pad. If you fail to do this, the boss will recive damage increase and will debuff the player with Hunter Claws making it harder for the player to get around to the pads.

If the boss enrages, then your main priority should be to avoid it happening again, as it's much harder to get around with the slow debuff, make sure your down at the knockback pad before he starts the next enrage so your ready to prevent him from casting it. He cast the enrage roughly every 30 seconds.

Loot: You'll recive 2-3 Rare Trophies from killing Grey Man Ape + a rare ring or necklace, if you complete the time trial, you'll also get a second loot chest with 2-3 Rare Trophies.

Rings: [Forceful Pirate Ring], Panoptic Pirate Ring, Sturdy Pirate Ring, Diabolic Pirate Ring

Necklace: Sturdy Pirate Pendant, Sprightly Pirate Pendant