• Real Name: Jaggta-Noga
  • Identity: Extradimensional (Lost Land) demon, Pre-Cataclysmic
  • Occupation: Ruler of the Lost Land; serving those who know the words of power
  • Group Membership: None
  • Affiliations: Dinaldo, El-Ron, Zukula
  • Enemies: Conan the Cimmerian, Gonar, Karanthes, Zephra
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Aliasas: None
  • Base of Operations: The Dimension of the Lost Land, Zukula Castle (near a village near Shadizar)
  • Powers/Abilities: In the Hyborian Age, Jaggta-Noga could fly and his strenghth was much greater than human athlete level. He probably was invulnerable to common weapons and also to some slightly enchanted weapons. He has to obey to the commands of those who pronounce the "words of power". In his dimension he was stronger and more powerful, with mostly unspecified magical powers. He could create illusions and objects and open portals to other dimensions, but he can also be damaged by the objects of this own dimension.


Jaggta-Noga lived in (and was) the extradimensional realm of the Lost Land. He lived for eons, and ruled that Dimension from before the Great Cataclysm.

Kull saw a dispute between two Pictish shamans, Gonar and Dinaldo. Kull and his associates seized Dinaldo, who summoned Jaggta-Noga. However, Gonar banished Jaggta-Noga.


Jaggta-Noga was evoked in the Hyborian Era by Zukala. Zukala pronounced the Words of Power, so Jaggta-Noga was obliged to leave his dimension and to obey Zukala's orders. The Demon left Castle Zukala and flew through the night sky to a Zamorian village.

There he forced the citizens of the village to to give him the money for the yearly taxes they paid to Zukala. He also reminded those men who was their master.

Jaggta-Noga went back to Castle Zukala just in time to stop Conan the Barbarian from killing Zukala. Zukala ordered Conan's death but before Jaggta-Noga could attack him, he was assaulted by Zephra (Zukala's daughter) in her Tigress form. Then a powerful blow hit Jaggta-Noga: Conan had used an enchanted axe which caused pain to but didn't wound the Demon. Almost annoyed by the Tigress, Jaggta-Noga easily flung her against a table, wounding her. Only then Zukala intervened, worried for his daughter, and h

About 8 years after he had fought with Conan, Jaggta-Noga was recalled by Zukala in his lair near Ghaza, in Koth. Jaggta-Noga immediately threatened Conan and forced him to leave Red Sonja to the sorcerer, for his plan of revenge against Karanthes. Conan temporarily agreed. Jaggta-Noga was ready to crush Conan into pieces, but Zukala held him back while he prepared his enchantment, in order to substitute Red Sonja with Belit. But Conan rebelled against the sorcerer. Jaggta-Noga was happy that he could now kill Conan, and advanced toward him, but then noticed Karanthes and recognized his Stick of Ibis. Karanthes cast the counter-spell sending Jaggta-Noga back to his dark realm.


Jaggta-Noga continued to live in his dimension, hating the humans and Conan in particular, for the life they lived on the Earth and the life he could not live because he had to wait for the words which evoked him.

About 2 years after he had been evoked in Koth, Jaggta-Noga was recalled in the Hyborian Era by El-Ron, the son of the human incarnation of Zukala the God.

Jaggta-Noga was sent to guard the south of Castle Zukala. The night that Conan escorted Red Sonja and Kharantes at Castle Zukala, Jaggta-Noga was approached by a bat. The bat delivered the order from El-Ron to allow Conan to leave the estate. But Conan abandoned his horse and crawled back to the Castle, and Jaggta-Noga didn't see him. But Jaggta-Noga found Conan while he spying the ritual for evoking Zukala. Caught in the demon's hand, Conan tried to stab Jaggta-Noga's eye with his sword, but the demon remained unharmed and the blade shattered on Jaggta-Noga's shoulder. The demon happily brought the barbarian to the Lost Land, as El-Ron had commanded.

In the Lost Land Jaggta-Noga bond Conan to a rock using chains of thorns.

In the next few hours, Jaggta-Noga tortured Conan with illusions based on the Cimmerian's history. The demon took delight in scratching Conan's body, promising him centuries of tortures. Using a shimmering polyhedron, Jaggta-Noga opened a portal to observe the wedding between El-Ron and Red-Sonja. He had a double purpose, to discourage Conan, and he waited for the moment of the marriage consummation, which would free the demon from the service at El-Ron's commands.

Jaggta-Noga's words enraged Conan, and he freed himself. The demon was surprised, and even more so when Conan's (secretly enchanted) dagger spilled his blood. Superficially wounded, the demon pursued Conan, crushing rocks and hitting the Cimmerian. Conan succeeded in causing Jaggta-Noga to impale himself on a spike of stone. This only wounded the demon, but it slowed him down enough to give Conan the time to jump in the portal and escape from the Lost Land. Jaggta-Noga remained trapped in the Lost Land.