Screenshot of JepUI 1.0


Download at :

Version 1.0, July 10th, 2008

Created and maintained by Jep Laliberté

Features :

  • Resized bottom hotbars (75% of original, ideal for 1080x1024 and lower)
  • Allows 55 unique bind-able buttons on screen at once (with use of floating hotbars. 32 bind-able buttons on bottom hotbars)
  • Floating side bars reduced to 10 slots each, to allow bind-key compatibility with bottombar slots
  • New graphics for bottom hotkey bar
  • Thin XP bar
  • Character/Target names smaller and cleaner
  • Repositioned Assassin's Soulshard and the Pet bar

Thanks :

To MirageUI and the regulars of the UI boards on the AoC US forums for the help and guides.

Bugs/Feedback :

As of now, no bugs have been reported. Remember, you're more likely to see results if you keep a civil tongue.

If you find one, please post at

Other info :

This mod may possibly be used with other UI mods, however consequences or ensuing problems will not be supported by author.

Mix-match at your discretion.