All animals, including man, once worshipped Jhebbal Sag (The Lord of Beasts) and spoke the same language. Now, both man and beast have forgotten Jhebbal Sag. Only the largest, smartest, or strongest creatures still remember the influence of their wild god.

Those who remember are bound mentally and can be controlled by someone who serves Jhebbal Sag, or knows the language of animals.

In most cases, the only men who remember the ancient language of Jhebbal Sag are direct descendents of his loins. According to legend, there are groves throughout Pictland or the Black Kingdoms where Jhebbal Sag still visits and takes his pleasure among the females of the animal kingdom. Sometimes, he mates with a loiness, doe, or a woman. And from these encounters come a steady supply of exceptional creatures who are brothers in spirit as well as blood. By demonstrating their powers with the Call of Jhebbal Sag, these priests prove themselves to be of the old god's blood.

A god of all beasts who lurk in the wilderness, or men who act as beasts, teeth and claw are the laws of Jhebbal Sag. The satisfaction of his primordial needs are Jhebbal Sag's goal. For millions of years, he has stalked his wild domain in the appearance of one great beast or another; for such is his pleasure. When man came, he added them into his stable. From him, they learned to rip and tear one another like beasts.

Jhebbal Sag is the leader of the animal gods (including Jullah, the black gorilla god and Jhil, the nocturnal goddess of ravens) and all of the other animal totems serve him.

Jhebbal Sag is worshipped almost universally in the Black Kingdoms, as well as among the tribes of the Pictish Wilderness.

Jhebbal Sag can manifest as one or several natural animals. He might also send one of the lesser animal gods (Jullah, Jhil, etc.) or their servants. It's said that Jhebbal Sag only comes out at night during a full moon. There are tales from men and women who have seen his eyes burning like yellow coals in the darkness.

Priests of Jhebbal Sag are usually shamans or witch doctors in a tribe. They hear the whispers of their "Beast Lord" on the wind, bring meat to his altars in sacrifice, and escort women into his sacred groves.

In addition to being able to summon and speak with the animals who serve the Lord of Beasts, the priests of Jhebbal Sag also learn the secret of the mystical Symbol of Jhebbal Sag, an ancient sign which even the wildest animal is cowed before, and draws not near.

A guild called Cult of Jhebbal Sag on the european RP-PVP server Aquilonia concentrates on roleplaying worshippers of the Lord of Beasts in various ways, including rituals and themed roleplay in general.

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