Kang Pagoda
Level 80
Region Khitai
Zone Northern Grasslands
Boss Count 1
End Boss Po-Sha
Player Limit 6

Kang Pagoda is a 6 man instanced dungeon found near the entrance of Northern Grasslands.

Strategy Edit

Easy Mode Edit

Po-Sha is a very simple fight and a physical dmg encounter(So all physical gear/buffs), he has one notable ability which is a poison spew in a general area that will be tinted green, the entire group must stay out of the poison and just dps the boss until he is dead. Also the entire group should be in melee range while po-sha is engaged. Once he dies(When his health reaches 10%) the group should then run out of melee all the while staying out of the green spew. After a few seconds a new boss will spawn from his innards and the tanks should pick it up while the dps hold until they have agro. Simply dps it down and grab your loot.

  • To start easy mode simply lure out the 3 mini bosses with the interactable objects lying downstairs.
  • The first being a jewel in a bowl next to the whore that must be looted then given to her.
  • The second being a bag of spices on the ground next to the closest pillar from the interactable pot that must be dropped inside of it.
  • And lastly the meat from the meat rack on the right side of the kitchen that must be given to the caged tiger near the beginning ramp(Where you fought the first 2 guards).
  • There are 5 trash pulls before starting the boss fight.

Godslayer (Hard Mode)Edit

When entering the room entire team goes to the right side, the Po-Sha Tank charge from directly right side(15 o' clock), and the Add tank irritate the adds from right side too about 16 o'clock(12 o'clock is the wall behind Po-sha).

The Po-sha tank has normal migtation gear on, and the add tank need full protection, 50%+ is recomended but lower protection works too, very minimum should be around 30%. The Po-Sha tank rotates him counter clockwise so that the spew does not cover the area where the adds are killed, by the time he has reached 22 o'clock or so the adds should be dead.

The add tank irritate one of the adds, run back a little so they group up, and then charge them, tanking them below Po-sha. Kill the adds as fast as possible, then start to kill Po-Sha.

Po-sha's abilities are the same as in Normal Mode. Avoid the spew that is a cone damage in the direction of the maintank. Mental Assault is a ability to look out for, if it's cast on a player with mana, it will simply drain some mana, but if it's cast on a player without mana, it does around 10k damage.

Mental assault can be controlled, it is casted on the two players who are far away from the rest of the players, if everyone is bunched up it lands on a random player, which could be the MT, or a rogue which would be bad.

The best option is that two mana players run back a little when mental assault is cast, so they take it instead of a tank.

After Po-Sha is dead the demon spawns, he's almost the same as in Normal mode, but does more damage, and increase his DPS by 10% every minute or so. As long as everyone is alive it should not be too much trouble to dps him down, alternativly if some players have died is to kite him around the room while the players who dont currently kite does dps on him.

DPS should be aware that the Demon stun the tanks for 5 seconds from time to time, so they should be carefull not to take aggro.

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

Attack the boss without luring out the three mini-bosses first.


  • The green 'spew' is not magic damage, so protection gear is useless against it (but is handy against his adds - they do fire damage).
  • When doing Hard Mode it is easier if you bunch the three mini-bosses together - they are debuffed when apart and are much harder to kill (Which is why they are tougher when fighting them seperately downstairs).
  • A DT with Dread Shadow and/or a Necro with Frenzied pet is exrtremely useful in this fight. They can be used to get the mini-bosses aggro, so the group can burn them down more easily.
  • The POM Holy Cleansing feat is usefull in this fight, if someone is low on health the priest cast it and the players run into the spew posion to heal up. Priest must inform the group that he's casting it, on voice communication or in group chat.


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