Keluka was a skilled swordsman, part of the Imbalayo troups in Asgalun.

Imbalayo sent Keluka to kill Mazdak. Keluka took other three Kushites with him to ambush and kill the Hyrkanian general.

The night of the ambush, they saw Mazdak alone and followed him. Mazdak met Conan in an alley, both them wore a cloak of white silk. When the assassins found the two men, in the darkness they could not distunguish their objective so decided to kill them both. But Conan and Mazdak killed them all. Mazdak took Keluka's ring and hid the bodies in an abandoned well.

Later the Keluka's ring was put near Othbaal's dead body by Mazdak, with the purpose to encharge Imbalayo of the murder.

Source(s): marvunapp