Khitai TokensEdit

These are new tokens introduced with the Rise of the Godslayer Expansion. There are several different types.

Marks of AcclaimEdit

Mark of Acclaim1

Mark of Acclaim (MoA)

Esteem TokensEdit

Obtained through solo and dungeon quests, can be used to buy green quality starting armor for Khitai, and potions from vendors around Khitai.

Simple TrophiesEdit

Obtained from Normal Mode Dungeons, used to buy Blue quality armor from Dungeon vendors around Khitai.

Rare TrophiesEdit

Obtained from Dungeons in Godslayer Mode, Solo Dungeons like Refuge of the Apostate, and Island of Iron Statues. Tier III Normal Mode dungeons also drop Rare Trophies. These Include dungeons in Kara Korum, Mines of Chosain, and newer dungeons like Ardashir Fort, Ai District, and The Vile Nativity.

Used to buy Epic quality Khitai Weapons, Armor, and acessories.