Koth is a long stretch of rocky highlands lying between Ophir, Corinthia, and Zamora in the north. South of here is the deserts of Shem. The kingdom is broken by occasional passes, which are blocked during winter months. The cities are usually in valleys, some of which are quite wide. Many of the cities are walled and some of these walls date back to Koth's Valusian origins. Once the mainland for the forgotten empire of Acheron, Koth is now ruled by the mad Emperor Strabonus. It's whispered that the emperor dabbles in forbidden magic to fulfill his ambition towards restoring the fallen empire of Acheron.

The Kothians are a mixed people of Hyborian and Stygian strains. They are a medium height and build. Their people are much like those in other Hyborian nations. The capital of Koth is Khorshemish.

Koth worships the gods of Shem. Their worship is tainted though with the beliefs of ancient Acheron, giving Kothian religion a Stygian cast.

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