Leviathus AbilitiesEdit



Leviathus is the final boss in Wing 3 of the Black Ring Citadel and spawns on a static timer starting when you first enter the room. When entering the room, everyone should move at the same time. The goal is to kill the initial adds before Leviathus spawns and the kill order is PAGA (Proctor, Agitator, Guardian, Agent).

Tanking LeviathusEdit

  • Main Tank: When Levathus hits 50%, 25%, and 10% he will start casting a high damage spell. You can and should use cunning deflection.
  • Dot Tank You will be thrown back constantly. Just keep re-engaging quickly to maintain your aggro level. Use everything you have to maintain persistent hate.

Dealing with Leviathus AoEEdit

Use the big heals in an organized way.

Bowl RunnersEdit

Use one tank for each of the two bowls. One of these tanks clicks their bown and runs to the center of the semi-circle patter in front of Leviathus. When they pulse their cure, they will let the other tank know, which is when he clicks his bowl. Repeat back and forth the entire fight. It is possible for one tank to run both bowls but there is very little margin for error.