Life of Set
Spell-life of set
Class Tempest of Set
Level first available 10

Type Friendly Heal (Area of Effect)
Duration 20 seconds
This invocation to Set places a strong healing effect on allies standing in a cone area in front of the priest, and a moderate effect on the priest themselves.

Life of Set is an area-of-effect healing spell that affects all friendly NPCs and players in a cone directly in front of you.

The benefits of this spell is that it is fast to cast, therefore good at saving your party if they are on the brink of death. It heals using a "spike heal", followed by an area of effect.

However, obtained at level 10, the healing ability of this spell is not very high, while it can augment your parties health for 20 seconds or so, protecting them, rather than saving them from certain death.

  • Level 10 : Heals 4, and heals 3 every second for 20 seconds. (64 healing)
  • Level 11 : Heals 7, and heals 4 every second for 20 seconds. (87 healing)

Diagram showing the area of effect of this spell.