Loot is any item obtained in the game from drops by mobs. "To loot" is the act of getting the items from the drops.

Looting While Solo[]

When operating alone, looting is fairly straightforward. Mobs drop loot in bags or chests, and these will sparkle gold so that they may be easily seen (even when covered by landscape, water, foliage, or corpses). Right-clicking will open the drop, displaying a loot window showing what's inside. To take an item from the loot window, simply right-click it. Note that shift + left-click on a bag or chest will Autoloot it, putting its contents into the character's Inventory, provided they have the available space.

Occasionally a character will find items which are Bind on Pickup (BoP). To accept these into their inventory, the player must click "Yes" on a dialog saying that they understand the item is BoP and cannot be traded to other characters. BoP items cannot be autolooted.

Looting While a Member of a Group[]

When a character is a member of a Group, looting becomes a bit more complex. The Group or Raid leader has an array of settings available so that they can set the group's looting parameters, as well as the quality threshold at which items become contested by a roll.

Loot Options[]

There are several loot options: Looting Type, Need/Greed, Loot Threshold, and Pass on Loot. Of these, the first three are group options and the fourth is a personal option. It is a group's leader who decides what the loot settings for the group are, while each player may decide their own personal options. To check the options of a current group, open the Loot Options window. The Loot Options window is available by right-clicking the round Players and PVP button at the upper left of the screen (the leftmost of the three buttons there).

Looting Type[]

There are four settings for Looting Type:

  • Free for All: Loot is given out to all members randomly.
  • Round Robin: Members of the group take turns receiving loot.
  • Master Looter: The group leader declares one group member to be the Master Looter. This person decides who receives what loot.
  • Leader Only: The group leader decides who may receive what loot.


Need/Greed may be enabled or disabled by the group leader. When enabled, members can choose "Need" if they need the item being rolled on, or "Greed" if they would like the item, but do not need it. Need overrides Greed in all circumstances, and if more than one member Needs the item, a random roll is made to determine who actually receives it. If no-one Needs it, then a random roll is made amongst those who Greeded the item to determine who is awarded the loot. Note that in most groups in AoC, it is common to "Greed" potions to provide for a random distribution.

Loot Threshold[]

Loot Threshold defaults to Green, but may be set to any available loot level (Grey, White, Green, Blue, or Purple), each color representing loot of the appropriate rarity.

Pass on Loot[]

Pass on Loot is a personal setting which allows a character to auto-pass on loot based on a declared threshold. It defaults to "None", but may be set to any loot color/rarity the player desires.

Loot Etiquette[]

  • Examine each piece of loot that comes up for a roll. Know what you're rolling on, and know whether your character actually needs the item or can even use it. Never roll "need" for everything, only those items your character truly needs.
  • It's often a good idea, particularly in raid groups, to examine the loot tables and be prepared, knowing what your character needs from an Instance beforehand.
  • Understand the loot restrictions: Bind on Pickup items (BoP) cannot be given to alts or sold to other players. Do not roll on BoP items your character cannot use.
  • Loot all kills. Even if your character's Inventory is full, opening each bag or chest still distributes money inside to their teammates.
  • Be honest with your group. If you're there to farm for your alt, tell them this before you get into the Instance, not on the first contested loot roll. Many groups will be open to this, but be sure to communicate it to them beforehand to avoid extra ugliness inside the dungeon.
  • Do not tolerate a loot thief/ninja. As leader, try talking to them first, but if they insist on looting things they cannot use, kick them immediately. It's important to realize that this may mean being undermanned and having to restart the instance, but a person that self-involved will likely just get the party wiped anyway. If you're a group member, make your concerns known to the leader politely and, if nothing changes, let the leader know you cannot remain with the group with this person before simply leaving.


For developer comments on Loot, see Developer Quotes/Loot.