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Malicious Shadows ingame

"It was there, in the corner," muttered the king, tossing his lion-maned head from side to side in his efforts to rise. "A man – at least he looked like a man – wrapped in rags like a mummy's bandages, with a moldering cloak drawn about him, and a hood. All I could see was his eyes, as he crouched there in the shadows. I thought he was a shadow himself, until I saw his eyes. They were like black jewels."

—Robert E. Howard, "The Hour of the Dragon"

Cloaked in the rags of Acheron, the Shadows are zealous protectors of the relics from their ancient empire. Amorphous faces leer from beneath ancient helmets, while skeletal hands wield deadly weapons in the complete evisceration of Acheron's foes.

Shadows are often found acting as the guardians of long-forgotten tombs or caches of hidden treasure. They take a supernatural pleasure in tearing flesh from bone, preferably while their victim are alive. Once their victims are dead, Shadows lose interest in the game and leave the torn, bloodied corpses where they lie.

Shadows were commonly used to enforce curses in ancient Acheron. Many an unfortunate adventurer has been found torn from limb to limb after picking up an enchanted sword or mysterious tome.

Recently, Shadows have been sighted in the Border Ranges, congregating around a strange hill. The hill is rumored to be a location of dark power, the earth beneath it twisted and corrupted by the rituals that have taken place around the altar at its zenith. What draws the Shadows to this place is unknown, but anyone exploring the area should take particular care, lest they end up at the mercy of the Shadows.