Prestige classes have been removed from the game. Players can no longer choose a Prestige class, nor can they obtain the bonuses associated with one. Players have access to any crafting class.

The Master receives a loyal follower who stands by their side and helps them. Whilst the their follower can fight, that is not their specialty and shouldn’t be relied on when the going gets tough. The follower’s true role is in the domain of collecting resources, as they can be set to collect resources for the guild when their master is offline.

Funcom have said that the Master's Follower would most likely be changing and not operate as originally intended for harvesting while you are offline, full details on this change has not yet been clarified. source
  • Can have one “follower”. Being in a guild gives you access to more powerful followers.
  • Can build Stables which upgrade the quality of mounts.
  • Each Master in a guild will increase the resource extraction of stone for all guild members – up to a max of 30 Masters.

Compare the different prestige classes

Prestige Classes
Lord Commander
Master Crafter