In Age of Conan you will be able to acquire mounts such as a horse, a rhino or a mammoth. You need to reach level 40 to get one. Mounts will be a central part of the combat system, it`s not only a way to get fast from one place to another. When you are mounted you can fight from the horseback with almost any weapon, but you will have less combat options. You can't strafe with a horse, for instance. But you can access special moves which include charges that have a fair chance of flinging your opponent around as you thunder past. The mounts can either walk, jog or gallop. A mount can be beaten unconscious, but you will be able to get it back when you are out of combat. A Master can build stables that upgrade the quality of the mounts.

Mounts of different types can be used in battle to fight for a distinct advantage. The speed of your mount, what mount you have and how you hold your weapon help define the amount of damage you do. Also the type of weapon you use will behave differently as you ride. You can use a lance or spear to destroy your opponent, ride them down or simply sit with your horse and swing from left to right. Mounted combat is not as easy as it sounds. Hitting your opponent is hard and the mount will not be so easy to control.


Look at the size of that thing! (Mammoth and Camel for the un-initiated)

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