Congratulations on purchasing Age of Conan! This article is designed to help new players find their way and their role within the game. Whether charging into the front lines as a barbarian, or creating an undead army to do your bidding, you will find that each class has its advantages and disadvantages.

Getting Started[]

With Age of Conan installed into your computer, and your account made, you are ready to tackle the vast lands of Hyboria! Well, almost. First thing is first, you have to choose what kind of server you want to play on. After logging on, you will see a column with the word CREATE and to the right you will see a list of all the server names. Depending on your preference you might want to play on a:

PvE Server (Short for Player Vs Environment)

Also known to players as a "Normal" server. This type of server is for people who like to simply kill monsters and avoid battling other players. Guilds within PvE servers primarily focus on raiding and running instances. This type of server is perfect for people who are new to MMORPGs.

PvP Server (Short for Player Vs Player)

This type of server is geared toward people who like to do battle with other players. All players are free to attack other players at will, granted that they are not in town. However, the reverse is true, so other players are free to attack you when you are out of town. Guilds within PvP servers primarily focus on gaining "honor" by battling other guilds. The only downfall to this type of server are the infamous "gankers", or players (usually who are a high level) who run around killing players that are significantly low level.

RP-PvP (Short for Role Playing - Player Vs Player)

This type of server is near identical to the PvP type server. However, players are expected to behave like their characters would. This means they are expected to talk and interact like they are living in the world of Hyboria. Failure to do so will result in [OOC] (Short for Out Of Character) tag next to the players name in chat.

A complete list of server name and types can be found in this article

Once you have decided on which server you would like to play on, simply hit create to go to the next step.

Character Creation[]

Character Creation is the last step on the road to adventuring in Hyboria. This part of the game lets you create a unique avatar that will represent you in the virtual world. The first part of character creation is gender selection. Simply put, this lets your avatar become either male or female. The next part of character creation is Culture Selection. This is where you can be either an Aquilonian, a Cimmerian, or a Stygian. Each culture is different from one another, and as such, not all classes are available to every culture. To learn more about cultures and which classes are available to individual cultures, Click Here.

The next step in character creation is class selection. Classes are basically how you want to play the game. Would you rather be absoring damage or dealing it? Do you prefer to get up and personal with your enemies or do you prefer to sit back and fire bolts of magic at them? Here is a simple breakdown of classes:


Soldiers are, at best, damage absorbers. With the ability to wear the heaviest of armor, they are good at taking damage and dealing a good amount of it themselves. A soldier can be a Guardian, a Conqueror, or a Dark Templar.


Rogues specalize in dealing loads of damage, but at the cost of being heavily protected. As such, rogues will die easily when put against multiple enemies. All rogues have the ability to hide, which makes them invisible to the enemy. A rogue can be either a Barbarian, a Assassin, or a Ranger.


Mages are the magic wielders in the world. They prefer to use magic to defeat their foes rather than cold steel (with the exception of the Herald of Xotli, which prefer to use both). Mages can also raise minions to aid them in battle. A mage can either be a Necromancer, a Demonologist, or a Herald of Xotli.


Priests are the medics in Age of Conan. They heal with an impressive array with spells that can either heal an individual, the whole group, or them just themselves. A priest can either be a Tempest of Set, a Bear Shaman, or a Priest of Mitra.

Still not sure what do do? Then have a look at Choosing your Class.