Game Director Letter - May 2014

  • 6th Anniversary
  • Massive PvP Update - 4.2 and the upcoming 4.3 content patches.
  • Fresh Reward System - 4.3 'PvP Streak' system
  • Earn Raid Gear - T5 and revamp of old Raid Dungeons.

Game Director Letter – April 2014

Game Director Letter - April 2014

  • Patch 4.2 & Anniversary
  • Questions and Answers - Unchained Minigames, The Great Hyborian Race, Dragon’s Spine Minigame Map & Palace of Cetriss, New Alternate Advancement Abilities and Loot Progression in Tier 5 raids.

Game Director Letter – March 2014

Game Director Letter - March 2014

  • Recent Updates
  • Patch 4.2
  • PvP Daily Quests
  • PvP Festival Events
  • Slithering Chaos & Palace of Cetriss
  • Crafting

Game Director Letter – February 2014

Game Director Letter - February 2014

  • World events
  • PvP Gear and class balance
  • Dungeons, Exploits and Tradeskills
  • Item Store Updates

Game Director Letter – January 2014

Game Director Letter - January 2014

  • PvP Gear
  • All New Daily Quests

Monthly Dev Update: June 2012

News 29/6/2012: Survey Results

  • Survey Results
  • Next Adventure Pack Xpac teaser

Monthly Dev Update: May 2012

News 31/5/2012: AoC / Funcom Survey

  • Incentives
  • Incoming Updates

Monthly Dev Update: April 2012

News 30/04/2012: Its all about Speed

  • New Stamina resource
  • Multi-Spec
  • ToS class Update
  • Faction Vendor changes
  • AoC Birthday Freebies

Game Update: 29th March 2012

News 29/03/2012: Update 3.3

  • Jade Citidel Updates
  • PoM Revamp
  • Raid / Group Encounter changes

Monthly Dev Update: March 2012

News 20/03/2012: System Updates & Improving the Game

  • Tradeskill Update
  • Free Content Updates
  • Adventure Pack #2
  • PvP World Boss Update
  • Single Server Tech

Monthly Dev Update: February 2012

News 29/02/12: Crafting Update - Monthly Developer Update

Game Update: 11th January 2012

News 11/01/12: Update 3.2 - THE HOUSE OF CROM

  • Threshold of Divinity: A social dungeon for up to four six-player groups for max level characters with nine separate encounters.
  • The Vile Nativity: A six-player group dungeon for max level players. There are seven encounters in all: two of them optional.
  • Class Balances, Quest tweaks, GUI changes, Raid and Group changes.

Monthy Dev Update: 13th Dec 2011

News 13/12/11: Updates, Dates & Progress Reports

  • House of Crom
  • Bloddy Solstice
  • Open World PvP Progress
  • Xmas Gift

Monthly Dev Update: 30th Nov 2011

News 30/11/11: The Battle Plan - Monthly Developer Update

Game Update: 29th Nov 2011

News 29/11/11: Update 3.1

  • Update 3.1: Tech updates, Class Balances, Khitai/Turan zone changes, Raid/Group changes, GUI & Items changes.

Game Update: 31st October 2011

News: Monthly Development Update - HOUSE OF CROM! - 31st October 2011

Game Update: 30th September 2011

News: Monthly Development Update - Summer Survey, The Battle Plan, Update 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.0, PvP Updates - 30th September 2011

Game Update: 9th September 2011

News: Savage Coast of Turan now open, Monthly Development Update – August 2011 and AoC in 2012 and Beyond! - 9th September 2011

Game Update: 29th August 2011

News: Turan Adventure Pack Deals now on offer in the In-Game Shop! - 29th August 2011

Game Update: 25th August 2011

News: New ingame screenies of the Turan Adventure Pack Armor Sets have been posted on the Age of Cona Facebook page - Go check em out! - 25th August 2011

Game Update: 22nd August 2011

News: Savage Coast of Turan approaches, Conan the Barbarian & Conan: Tower of the Elephant - 22nd August 2011

  • Testing is now getting down to it's final stages, and we are starting to prepare the content for the live servers relatively soon. will be announcing the pricing and access details for the pack at the end of next week, as well as letting you know planned launch date.
  • The new Conan the Barbarian movie is out - Go and check it out!
  • Also released this week is the new iOS game Conan: Tower of the Elephant - details here

Game Update: 1st July 2011


  • Launch of the new Free-to-play and Premium Membership Model
  • New Level 40 to 80 Solo Instances: “The Breach” and “The Forgotten City”
  • New Feature: Vanity Item Slots
  • Raids / Group Encounters - Khitai 6-man changes
  • Factions changes - Gold cost for Khitai epics reduced
  • Various class & balance tweaks
  • Upcoming Content - "House of Crom"
  • Upcoming Content - "Tier 4 completed"

Game Update: 10th June 2011

News: Blood & Glory server name vote and upcoming Appearance Slots - 10th June 2011

  • All current players can vote on the name of the new Blood & Glory Server - See here.
  • Community Update - Appearance slots incoming & Conan movie update.

Game Update: 31st May 2011 - Planned Server Merges Info

News: Planned AoC Server Merges - 31st May 2011

  • Tyranny and Cimmeria are merged into one PvP server (US)
  • Crom, Hyrkania and Ishtar are merged into one PvE server (EU)
  • Fury, Aquilonia and Stygia are merged into one PvP server (EU)
  • Server Merge FAQ

Game Update: 25th May 2011 - AoC goes Hybrid: F2P & Premium!

News: AoC goes Hybrid: F2P & Premium! - 25th May 2011

Game Update: 24th May 2011 - Turan Adventure Pack!

NEWS: Turan Adventure Pack! - 24th May 2011

Game Update: 11th May 2011 - 2.2.1

NEWS: Update 2.2.1 - 11th of May

  • Class Changes: Assassin, Bear Shaman, Conqueror, Demonologist, Necromancer, Priest of Mitra, Ranger.
  • Combat Changes.
  • Quest Changes.
  • Raid / Group Encounter Changes

See full notes: 2.2.1

Game Update: 4th May 2011 - 2.2

NEWS: Update 2.2 - 4th of May

  • Two new level 80 Group Instances in Paikang
  • Improved Faction Progression
  • Crowd Control Revamp
  • Faction Progression Changes
  • Crowd Control & Combat Changes
  • Raid & Group Encounter Changes
  • PvP Changes
  • Quest Changes

See Detailed Notes.

Game Updates: October 6th 2010 - April 12th 2011

NEWS: Updates 6th October 2010 to 12th April 2011

  • October 6th 2010 - April 12th 2011

Update Notes.

Game Updates: May 12 2010 - September 1st 2010

NEWS: Updates 12th May 2010 to 1st September 2010

  • May 12 2010 - September 1st 2010

Update Notes.

Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Live

  • 11th May 2010

Explore many new world regions such as the level 80 playfields Northern Grasslands, Paikang, Kara Korum and Chosain Province or the level 20 to 40 playfield Gateway to Khitai. Khitai is a massive new location with five sweeping new playfield region and twelve new team dungeons as well as the start of the fourth tier of raid gameplay! Includes the ability to side with warring factions and an alternate advancement system. {C}Details from Funcom

Game Update: 4th April

  • 4th April 2009

EU Forums list of up and coming 1.05 changes LINK.

Game Update: 12th November

  • 12th November 2008

Today's update requires players to have updated their DirectX to the latest version. Please download it from the Microsoft Website.
{C}A short installation instruction can be found in the forums here.

Update Preview 18th October

  • 18th October 2008

Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison wanted to give another preview on the upcoming update and here is what he had to share

Q&A Culture and Armor Weapons

  • 17th October 2008

System Designer Dave Williams has posted some answers to a short Q&A ON Culture and Armor Weapons. You can find a copy of that here

Age of Conan Expansion in the works

  • 23rd August 2008

Gamespot recently had a chance to interview Funcom at this year's Leipzig Game Convention 2008 about the new content going into the game and got a sneek peak of the artwork for the new expansion. Click here to read more...

Video: Upcoming AoC Content with Erling Ellingsen

  • 27th July 2008

Tentonhammer got an exclusive with Erling Ellingsen at San Diego Comic Con, and had a few minutes to chat with him. Details on a new dungeon, PvP and PvE updates among others! Watch it here

Fictional Story #8 now on

  • 24th July 2008

A new story in the Age of Conan Fictional Story Series by Michael Lafferty is now available on Read this for more info.

Buddy keys now available

  • 22nd July 2008

Funcom have turned on Buddy Keys for subscribers. Now you can invite those friends who have been impatiently waiting to get into Age of Conan but wanted to trial it first. See here for info.

PvP Evolved - Drastic Changes Coming

  • 16th June 2008

Funcom have recently announced some changes that are coming to Age of Conan and PvP as we know, both rewards and penalties for all you budding PKers. So if you're a cheap player who can only kill players that are grey to you or your one of the elite that can take on 5 players 3+ levels higher at once... and win. Read here about the updates.

Interview with Funcom About Recent Player Bans

  • 30th May 2008

After recent news about bans in Age of Conan. TTH have an interview with some updates about the recent bans. You can find this interview here.

Age of Conan Game Update

  • 29th May 2008

Withdrawing cash from the bank should now correctly add coins to your inventory instead of replacing the already existing ones.

Age of Conan Game Update (part 2)

  • 27th May 2008

Traders and Banks are now available again, Fixed some server and client crashes, Invite to groups is no longer case sensitive, Added Character Right Click Menu to the Chat, Full notes found at Update: 27th May 2008

Age of Conan Fixed the Laceish Plains Problem

  • 23rd May 2008

The bug/problem of characters being stuck in Laceish Plains has been fixed.

Age of Conan adds 9 more servers

  • 23rd May 2008

FunCom has announced 9 new servers for Age of Conan. See here for a full list

Age of Conan released in Norway

  • 23rd May 2008

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was officially released in Norway for all to enjoy!

Age of Conan released in North America

  • 20th May 2008

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was officially released in North America for all to enjoy!

New PvP servers for Early Access in Europe

  • 17th May 2008

Funcom has updated their serverlist for Europe with two new PvP servers (Battlescar and Soulstorm), and removed one PvE server (Astoreth). Check out the complete list of servers.

Serverlist for Early Access released

  • 15th May 2008

Funcom has released the list of the servers that will be available with the head start, to read about it, click here.

More than 1 million people sign up for the Age of Conan beta!

  • 13th May 2008

Funcom have had more than 1 million people sign up for the Age of Conan beta, and more than 5 million people visited the Age of Conan website in 2008. See here for details

New Trailer: Femme Fatale

  • 13th May 2008

Funcom have released a brand-new Trailer, for links to the new video see here.

New Age of Conan Newsletter: Friday Update

  • 9th May 2008

The new Friday Update has come out, and features articles on combat, building cities, fortress and city locations, player made buildings, and much more. Get the newsletter here.

Interview on with Erling Ellingsen

  • 8th May 2008 spent some time talking to Product Manager Erling Ellingsen about Age of Conan. The article on can be found here.

Come see Age of Conan live in Oslo!

  • 8th May 2008

As some of you might have heard, we’re kicking off the launch for Age of Conan with a barbaric gathering here in Oslo. We’re doing this in two stages on Tuesday May 13th. Find out more about it here!

Beta Concerns Q&A on

  • 7th May 2008

Jørgen Tharaldsen spoke with Managing Editor Jon Wood, answering a number of concerns about Open Beta that have been raised by readers. The 'Beta Concerns Q&A' can be found here.

More Previews

  • 6th May 2008

Several gaming websites have published a preview of Age of Conan telling about their experience in the beta. See the list here.

Registration now opened and new Early Access date for the EU servers

  • 5th May 2008

Registration for customers with pre-order keys has now opened for the EU servers. See here for more details

Friday Update: Preliminary Roleplaying Server Rules

  • 2nd May 2008

Funcom have given some early details on the Roleplaying Server Rules, remember the game is in beta and these are not yet final. But check them out here

Mitra's Method: Age of Conan Beta Journal Entry 2

  • 2nd May 2008

Stephen "Weezer" Spiteri has released a second Entry on his Beta experiences so far. If you read the first, then why not this one too!

PvP Interview and a Beta Contest

  • 2nd May 2008

Want to get some more details on the PvP or are you in Open Beta? Check it out here

Beta Previews and Videos

  • 1st May 2008

With Open Beta now upon us, there have been a few Beta Preview/Reviews and some Tutorial Videos release. Find more about them here

Age of Conan dominates the July cover of PC Gamer US

  • 1st May 2008

PC Gamer US readers get exclusive editorial content, unique in-game item, and a chance to win a Conan Gaming Machine. Read some more on that here

A Day In The Life Of An AI Designer

  • 1st May 2008

If you've ever wondered about the AI behind the Picts, demons, and other bad guys roaming Hyboria, AI Designer Joe "Adus" Hegarty has written an article all about the brains behind the slavering evil. See it on TTH.


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