Clan of conan 14[]

  • 29th February 2008

Another Clan of Conan has been released to the masses. The newsletter contains the regular update on a location, bestiary and a developer profile, as well as some other stuff. You can read the whole thing here.

WarCry GDC 08: AoC Preview[]

  • 26th February 2008

WarCry has a two-page writeup on the Age of Conan showoff at the GDC this year. You can read it here.

200 Beta Spots up for grabs[]

  • 26th February 2008

Funcom have a new competition for a chance to win one of 200 beta keys and you only have until March 9th to get your entry in. All you need is a betaprayer to a Hyborian God of your choosing. So get your thinking caps on and get writing, while you're at it... Read the Full Information here

IGN: Age of Conan - Updated Impressions GDC 08[]

  • 19th February 2008

IGN have posted an updated review from GDC 08, 2 pages of information, including a recommended PC setup that everyone has been craving for. Also some comments on PvP for you addicts out there. See it here!

Game Informer Online - Another Look At Age of Conan[]

  • 19th February 2008

Game Informer Online have posted a bit of a review on Age of Conan, it really isn't much that long time followers haven't read before, but if you are new to the game it's a good initial read up for some insight into the game. check it out here.

New Screenshots from GDC '08[]

  • 19th February 2008

Some new screenshots have been uploaded from GDC 2008. Quite a few glorious shots in there to, not much to say really apart from feast your eyes on them.

GDC '08 - Age of Conan preview at[]

  • 18th February 2008 have posted a bit of an early preview with a few teaser screenshots of mounts, player cities and the setup Funcom have at GDC '08. So why not head on over and read up on it! Don't worry, they have more coming :)

Friday Update: What's Up With Beta (Redux)?[]

  • 15th February 2008

This Friday's update, while nothing fancy is a bit of nice information to the general public. Oh, and there are females in it too! Check it out here!

State of The Game: February 2008[]

  • 12th February 2008

Gaute Godager has written a small wall-of-text on the state of Age of Conan, the cuts that have been made and how things are going in general. Most of it isn't news, but an explanation of why they've done what they have done. You can read it here.

TTH Ranger Class Interview[]

  • 4th February 2008

Tentonhammer have released the latest in their class interviews with Funcom. This time on the much desired, Ranger. So get the latest on the Ranger now

Clan of Conan #13[]

  • 2nd February 2008

Clan of Conan #13 is live, full of goodies for you to feast your brains upon. Crafting / Border Ranges / and a Bestiary and NPC update! Feast your eyes here now!