Friday Update: Answers from Kalanthes #1[]

  • 21st March 2008

Funcom have released the answers from the Ask Kalanthes announced previously. It's only a few, but there are many more to come! Check those answers here

Through the Eyes of Mitra: Age of Conan Beta Journal Entry #1[]

  • 21st March 2008

This week, Stephen 'Weezer' Spiteri has something special in store for everyone with his Mitra's Method article. See what it's all about here!

Friday Update: Website Content Updates[]

  • 14th March 2008

This time around we have a fair bit of information coming out from Funcom, too much to contain in one simple blurb here. Suffice it to say, to find out all the info that's been added this time around, you'll need to click on this.

Mitra's Method : The Rules of Engagement[]

  • 7th March 2008

Ever eloquent and dedicated follower of Age of Conan, Stephen "weezer" Spiteri, has posted another Mitra's Method. This time taking on PvP, there certainly going to be a few die-hard PvPers reading this one I'm sure. read all 4 pages here

New FAQ[]

  • 7th March 2008

Funcom has updated their Age of Conan FAQ to give answers to many of the questions that have been asked about the game. Many questions still remain unanswered, but it'll give you something to read at least. You can read the new FAQ here.

Age of Conan Preview on Eurogamer[]

  • 6th March 2008

Eurogamer (after visiting GDC) have written up a bit of an article about Age of Conan. Most active followers of AoC would have seen much/all of this info from other players, but it's another good starter to you recent followers. Read it here

New Age of Conan Trailer[]

  • 5th March 2008

A new Age of Conan trailer has been released, watch it now at Gamespot!

Crafting interview with Pharamond[]

  • 5th March 2008

AoCMMO has made an interview with Pharamond about crafting in Age of Conan. Read the interview over at AoCMMO.