Age of Conan Character Battle at Gamespot[]

  • 30th April 2008

Gamespot are having a vote war to determine who is the best and strongest of those in Hyboria. Go here to see how it fares

Subscription Prices[]

  • 30th April 2008

Want to know how much your gaming addiction is going to cost? How much you'll be paying to hear the death cries of your enemies? Then check them here!

Motion Capturing a Horse[]

  • 30th April 2008

Have you ever wondered just how Funcom motion captured horses for Age of Conan? Well wonder no more as MTV Multiplayer gets the goss.

Jørgen Tharaldsen Speaks about Open Beta at[]

  • 29th April 2008

In this interview, Tharaldsen addresses a number of the rumors that have circulated since the Open Beta announcement. Read it all on!

Information on siege combat[]

  • 29th April 2008

Morten Byom, associate producer at Funcom, has written a few lines explaining how siege combat works, with information on the vulnerability window and guild PvP points. You can read the article Read it here.

Spellweaving Revealed![]

  • 29th April 2008

This is what many of you have been waiting for, hounding and crying about and demanding information on. Funcom have finally lifted the lid and given us some information on the much anticipated Spellweaving!

Mounted Combat Developer Diary on[]

  • 28th April 2008

If you're dying to know about Mounted Combat in Age of Conan, check out the new developer diary with Erling Ellingsen on

Friday Update: Hyborian Insider 2[]

  • 25th April 2008

This weeks Hyborian Insider takes you into some of the details about PvP. Friday Update: Hyborian Insider 2

Polish version of Age of Conan[]

  • 24th April 2008

Funcom and CD Projekt have partnered to produce a Polish version complete with localised voice and text as well as customer support. Click to see the details.

Age of Conan Class Warfare (2) at IGN[]

  • 24th April 2008

In the second installment of the "Class Warfare" at IGN you get to know more about Mage and Rogue classes.

Incoming! Open Beta Keys Spotted!!![]

  • 23rd April 2008

The first lot of 50,000 open beta keys is being awarded soon to applicants for the Age of Conan open Beta. Click here for more information.

Age of Conan Class Warfare (1) at IGN[]

  • 23rd April 2008

Unsure what class to play when the game goes live? Then check IGN's new Class Warfare guide here

Developer Blog Update: Beta Blocker![]

  • 23rd April 2008

Ole Herbjornsen has updated his developer blog on 1up. And he tells us about some of the differences between working in production and being in beta. Read it here.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Goes Gold[]

  • 22nd April 2008

Age of Conan has officially gone Gold. What does it mean? No more delays, everything is pretty much finalised apart from bugs found during beta, and the game IS coming out May 20th. Click to read the announcement.

Mitra's Method : Interview with Shannon 'Pharamond' Drake[]

  • 21st April 2008

Shannon "Pharamond" Drake and Mitra's Method's Stephen "Weezer" Spiteri got together for a little chat about the status of Age of Conan for a special edition of Mitra's Method.

Gaute Godager speaks about the Beta Weekend[]

  • 18th April 2008

Gamespot speaks with game director Gaute Godager about the plans for the PvP Beta weekend and the game in general. So if you're eyes are still working check up on that here.

Mondespersistants talked with Erling Ellingsen[]

  • 18th April 2008

Mondespersistants sat together with Product Manager Erling Ellingsen to talk about Age of Conan. read it all here.

Interview with Erling Ellingsen at Onlinewelten[]

  • 18th April 2008

German gaming site Onlinewelten have an interview with Erling Ellingsen. So get on over to the interview here. Don't worry, it's in English!

Friday Update: Answers from Kalanthes #2[]

  • 18th April 2008

This Friday Update, Kalanthes has given more answers for some questions asked including system requirements! So before you do anything else, read up on the details.

Heads will Roll as Age of Conan moves into Open Beta[]

  • 17th April 2008

Funcom have announced details for the Age of Conan Open Beta that will be starting on May 1st. For full details read it here.

Pre-order Newsletter[]

  • 16th April 2008

A newsletter covering all the important information regarding pre-orders has been sent out today. This newsletter covers topics like Early Access Offer, Exclusive Pre-Order Rewards and the Collector's Edition. You can also read the newsletter online.

New Trailer and Tutorial Video[]

  • 15th April 2008

There are two new videos up and running now, a tutorial vid and a trailer. See here for links

Ideazon announces AoC Zboard keyset[]

  • 15th April 2008

If you’re a Zboard owner or fancier, you’ll be pleased to know that Ideazon has announced a limited edition keyset for Age of Conan. For all the details, you can check out the press release on Ideazon's website.

Win beta keys and game cards at the Age of Conan wiki![]

  • 14th April 2008

The Age of Conan Wiki now has a competition running where you can win beta keys and pre-paid game cards! Check out the competition rules!

Friday Update: New Character Select Screen[]

  • 11th April 2008

Another Friday and this is a nice update, Funcom have released a video with a new Character Selection screen available. There are a couple of screengrabs of the video available here.

Funcom, Eidos and Gamespot reveal unique PvP Beta Weekend[]

  • 9th April 2008

In a rather amazing and fantastic move by Funcom and Co. There is a PvP Beta Weekend coming up for thousands of potential beta testers. From the 18th to the 20th April, it's sure to be a featured packed gank-fest. Read about it all here!

LordOrion interview at Hexus Part 2[]

  • 8th April 2008

The second part of the interview with the impeccably dressed Erling 'LordOrion' Ellingsen, is up at Hexus. If you have a few minutes, check it out here.

CS Interview With Funcom's Brian Lee[]

  • 8th April 2008

If you're curious about the Customer Service policies and other interesting tidbits, Ten Ton Hammer has a new interview up with Brian Lee, Customer Service Manager.

New Interview With LordOrion At Hexus Part 1[]

  • 7th April 2008

If your life is incomplete without the incomparably awesome Erling Ellingsen, you'll be delighted to know there's a new interview with him up at Hexus.

Mitra's Method: Piercing the Darkness[]

  • 5th April 2008

Stephen "Weezer" Spiteri has posted another editorial, this time in response to a dev article about DF. Read it all here

Friday Update: Spellcasting Screenshots[]

  • 4th April 2008

Another Friday has past and this time Funcom has left us with some juicy pictures of casters in action. Personally, I think that snake is just a bit TOO realistic. Don't know what I'm on about? See it here!

Hyborian Adventures Peek #8: Kheshatta[]

  • 4th April 2008

Read about Kheshatta, the dreaded City of Magicians, seen through the eyes of one of Thoth-Amon's henchmen while writing a letter to his master over here at RPGVault, also with some exclusive images!

New Player Race: The Elves[]

  • 1st April 2008

A little late on this one, but here it is. Funcom have announced a new playable race for Age of Conan. After much debate on the official forums it appears Funcom have finally caved in! Get the scoop on the new class here  !! Attention !! This is an april fools joke by Funcom.

Competition and Review on Tentonhammer[]

  • 1st April 2008

Tentonhammer have a small competition running for it's members (Canada and USA only) as well as another review about Age of Conan. Get the low down on it all over at TTH now.