Night Quests or Single Player Quests are a series of quests that players are required to accomplish by themselves. The quests take place in the same city that they are located in, albeit during the night. However, unlike the day, players cannot recruit other players to help them accomplish their quests. The quests are, in regards to archtypes, near identical. However, some quests are tailored to specific archtypes, thus yielding different rewards. Night Quests need to be accomplished in order for the player to progress to the next area.


Night Quests take place in the city that they are activated. They also take place, appropriately, during the night. The city is identical to the day aspect of the game, albeit other players and outdoor merchants are absent. Everything that was available to the player during the day is available to them during the night. However, players cannot accomplish day quests during the night, and vice versa.

Requirements and Rewards[]

Night quests require the player to be specific level before they are allowed to accept them. The requirement to start the Night Quest chain is level 9, and the requirement to end it is level 19. Doing these quests yields a very large amount of experience points and some offer blue quality items as well. Also, doing the last quest in the series gives players the option to leave Tortage (often dubbed Tutorial Island) and onto the next part of the game.