No Escape
Rank 0/1
25 points spent in this line

Grants you a clickable ability that allows you to throw your weapon to impale the enemy, causing massive damage over time and stunning him. This ability disarms you for a period of time.


This feat allows them to throw their weapon at a target, causing a large amount of damage, but it will also disarm the Barbarian.
Pretty useful to prevent players from running away when they realize their life is getting low. The damage it deals doesn't seem much, but it actually deals around 150 damage (at level 30) every second for the duration of the skill. The stun effect is also pretty useful to help comrades in difficulty.
And you can always enjoy headbutting a couple people while waiting for your weapon to return to your hand. !
There is sadly no animation for this skill. No flying axe/sword reaching the enemy...