Outflow Tunnels
Level 35-37
Outflow Tunnels 2.png
Region Aquilonia
Zone Old Tarantia
Boss Count 3
End Boss Xanarus Darkhand
Player Limit 1

The Outflow Tunnels is a Dungeon in the sewer-system of Old Tarantia. The tunnels are home to a variety of scavengers and wild beasts, as well as a faction of kidnapping Darkhand criminals.


Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Save the Princess Fabio Old Tarantia
Forgotten Treasure Valoz da Neva Conall's Valley
By Duty Torn Commander Drusco Wild Lands of Zelata
The Raided Tomb Tetkafri Khemi
A Woman's Scorn Vesta The Sailor's Den
The Woman Who Never Died Inspect the journal on the sarcophagus Outflow Tunnels

Loot Table[]

Left or right?

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Crawler [Crunchy's Collar]
Komodo Broodmother [Hungerflesh]
[Sagacious Cudgel]
Xanarus Darkhand

Dungeon Denizens[]

  • Sewer Snake (35)
  • Ailing Sewer Scavenger [Minion] (35)
  • Sewer Scavenger (35)
  • Sewer Witch (35)
  • Crocodile Yearling [Minion] (35)
  • Feral Crocodile (35)
  • Komodo Young [Minion] (35)
  • Feral Komodo (35)
  • Darkhand Footpad [Minion] (35)
  • Darkhand Assassin (35)
  • Darkhand Raider (35)
  • Darkhand Thug (35)
  • Darkhand Mystic (35)
  • Darkhand Mender (35)

External Links[]

Conan Armory

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