This is a transcription of an image appearing to be a page of a typewritten, unreleased work concerning Conan

  In the royal tent, Amalric laid a map upon an ivory table.
  "My scouts tell me Conan is advancing along the Shirki River, with ten thousand Poitanians, three thousand southern Bossonians, and five thousand Aquilonians who have joined his army. An army of thirty thousand Gundermen and northern Bossonians are pushing southward to join him. It is evident that they hope to make a juncture somewhere in the Goralian hills. It is Conan's only chance, with his smaller force, to cross the river and take up a position somewhere among those hills. If we catch him in the valley, we can wipe him out.
  "Now this is my plan: I have at my disposal a force of fifty thousand men. I propose to divide this force into equal halves. On force I will send to intercept the Gundermen before they can reach the river. It is obvious that the Gundermen will advance through the Pass of the Eagles. Twenty-five thousand men can hold them there till doom's day. The other force I will hur against Conan. He must cross the river at Tanasul; there is no other safe crossing for an army. By force marching I can reach Tanasul before him, with twenty-five thousand men. Tarascus is at Galparan with another[ . . .]