Age of Conan Patch Notes[]

Here you can find the full patch notes, starting from Update 4.0 - Secrets of Dragon's Spine.

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Update Notes 4.0 - 10th of January[]

Secrets of Dragon's Spine
Update 4.0 opens the gates to the brand new playfield "Dragon's Spine" and is the first part of "The Secrets of Dragon's Spine" update series which provides players with all new Hyborian experiences as they venture to the desert region located south and west of the ancient city of Pteion. Rippling desert dunes stretches for miles in every direction from the spine, lifeless, except for a small oasis in the mountain’s shadow, and treacherous caves and tunnels weave in and out of the mountain rock. But men are not the only beings to have forged a thriving civilization in the desolate desert, many secrets lay buried beneath the sands.

To travel to Dragon's Spine, speak to Captain Temoten on the island outside of Khemi, where you also can travel to Turan.
Also available now is the group instance "Sepulcher of the Wyrm".
The new content is available to Premium players exclusively.


  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the door to Tian-Bai's Sanctuary not to open.
  • Vanir Avengers spawned from the "A Bloody Solstice" seasonal event will no longer attack random players if they lose hate to the player they spawned on.


  • As long as the confirmation box for mail deletion is active, other mails can no longer be selected.
  • Fixed an issue with the GUI showing incorrect values of combos improved by Upgrade Combo feats.
  • Teleport: Cradle of Decay should now have the correct level requirement.


  • "The Awakening III" - Fixed an issue where players who are disconnected could sometimes get stuck in Strom's Treasury Room.
  • Paikang Districts: "Cleansing the District" (repeatable version) is now obtainable.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to torch the handmaiden in the quest "A Lesson In Cruelty".
  • The hitching posts destroyed in the quest "Hunting the Wastes" in Kheshatta should no longer be invisible after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to to obtain "The Fall of Thoth-Amon".

Update Notes 4.0.1 - 24th of January[]


  • Paikang - The Scrolls of Ankh-Ausar: The quest item 'Scroll Case' should no longer spawn in an overflow bag, unless your quest item inventory is full.

Dragon's Spine

  • Sandcastles in the Air: Vultures will now drop Vulture Eyes if you fail the Trial by Fire and have to go back.
  • The Seals of Cetriss: You can now correctly interact with the fresco after playing the flute, even if you skipped the cutscene.
  • Kiss of Death: Fixed an issue where the Nomad Elder could end up being stuck in the desert and could not be interacted with.
  • The Death that Would not Come: Fixed an issue which could cause Gulbanda's Body to get stuck away from his spawnpoint.
  • The Crawling Chaos: Fixed an issue that would make Dreamscape of Leng inaccessible.
  • Corrected a typo or two in Dragon's Spine quest texts.

Mobs / NPCs

  • Serpent Men should no longer slide forward when recovering from a knockback effect.
  • Fixed an issue with some Excavation Guards attacking players while they were still green and could not be attacked in return.
  • The Disoriented Excavator's skintone of his head and body now match.


  • The Seals of Cetriss can no longer be shared with other players.
  • Fixed an issue where you might not receive Kalanthes' Gift if you do not accept the item before you are teleported.

Sepulcher of the Wyrm

  • Custodian of Yoth: Using the red orb will no longer kill the mystical adds.
  • Fixed an issue where the four switches of the light puzzle could get stuck.


  • The issue with missing GUI language elements of the Russian and Polish clients has been fixed.
  • Added the Dragon's Spine music to the random music played in character selection.
  • The fog in Dunes of Amenthes was tuned down a bit.
  • Fixed some environment items that were floating in the air or leaning against something invisible.
  • Added some additional music and sound effects to the Dragon's Spine playfield.

Update Notes 4.0.2 - 18th of March[]

New Mount - Yothian War Mare

  • The new serpent mount Yothian War Mare is now available in three different skin variations in the in-game store.

Sepulcher of the Wyrm

  • The Adds in the Mystical realm have had their health reduced.
  • Some exploits in the Sepulcher of the Wyrm have been fixed.


  • Rise of The Serpent Men: Completing this mission will no longer return the message 'The Quest Task data could not be found'.

Update Notes 4.0.3 - June 18th[]


  • The default graphics settings have been changed from Medium to High.
    Please note: This will not change any existing settings, and will only affect new installs.

Please note that the main reason for today's duration of the server downtime is the maintenance tasks done in the hosting center. Since the above change was ready as well, we decided to deploy it at the same time.

Update Notes 4.1 - August 13th[]

Coils of Ubah Kan
Recent seismic activity in Dragon’s Spine has un-earthed a new cave network leading deep into the mountains. Stygian excavation teams have entered amid rumors of strange architecture and great treasures within the unknown depths; but few have returned and none as they once were. Now Adventurers from across Hyboria hear the call to venture in and perhaps play their part in an ancient prophecy.

The brand new dungeon 'Coils of Ubah Kan' is available in Dragon’s Spine. Gather your friends to take on this brutal six man dungeon, and get your hands on great rewards.

  • A new quest called 'Mastering the Dragon's Spine' is available! This quest can be obtained from a poster located outside of both Coils of Ubah Kan and Sepulcher of the Wyrm.


  • Healer and soldier DPS sets are now itemized and certain new pieces are available on the Dragon's spine rare trophy vendor.
  • Tortage Smugglers: If you interact with a smuggler not of your own race, you will now get a proper dialogue prompt instead of non-explanatory, random stock phrases.
  • Replaced the particle effect used for Shield of the Risen with a less demanding and less obtrusive effect.
  • Tarantia Horse Race: Rephrased Lord Marcellus's dialogue to make it clear that siege mounts are not allowed.
  • Fixed the name of several spawn points, making them more readable in the GUI.
  • Redemption Quests: Added feedback to the player if they're too high level to take the Redemption Quests offered.
  • Fixed an issue with spawnpoints appearing incorrectly in the GUI.
  • Captain Avita in Old Tarantia no longer mistakes the Khorotas River with the sea.
  • The Whining Merchant, repeatable version, is no longer obtainable before having completed the non-repeatable version.
  • Harmonized all quest cooldown messages.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC Neoric that made his dialogue loop infinitely.
  • Resurrection points are now listed from nearest to farthest on the resurrection GUI.
  • Fixed an issue where spells would proc incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where players got locked to a solo instance when someone in their group did a solo instance.
  • Tweaked the defensive stance, frenzy stance and active blocking animations to reduce shield-clipping issues.


  • Fixed an issue with massive PvP cities not repairing after a siege.


  • Minor shield revamp! We have made tweaks, fixes, and adjustments to over 130 shield assets to reduce clipping issues, as well as tweaks to several animations for both male and female characters for the same reasons.
  • Some item names have been revised.
  • Twinkle's License: Removed incorrect item description.
  • Acheronian Artifact: Incorrect item description removed.
  • Removed incorrect item description from Valuable Gem in quest The Worshiper's Demise
  • Removed incorrect item description from Evil Amulet in quest Grave Invite.
  • Glacial Saber Tooth Menace has been renamed to Glacial Sabertooth Menace.
  • Tome of Setsokhaten now has the proper visual look in the quest inventory.
  • The Princess quest item has regained its original image.


  • Several quests previously classified under Atzel's Approach are now correctly classified under their correct playfield.


  • Ardashir Arena: Quest text no longer specifies "gold" as payment option for entering the Arena.

Atzel's Approach

  • Dead Man's Ledger: Fixed a dialogue issue that would cause you to not get the quest if you chose the wrong option when talking to Prosco.
  • Against the Giant Chief: Made a few journal text edits.
  • Run Away, Far Far Away: Clarified the quest goal where you have to kill Ileana.
  • Tale of Insanity: The quest now becomes available at the correct level.
  • Fixed a plothole in Rulvio's dialogue.
  • Resolved an issue on Rulvio which caused incorrect audio to play when selecting specific dialogue options.
  • Fixed an issue with Kurtz which gave incorrect audio when selecting a specific line of dialogue.

Connall's Valley

  • The Veteran: Re-positioned the goal marker radius so it covers the entire path of the Veteran.
  • The Cimmerian's Plea: Quest display marker will now disappear correctly after obtaining the quest.

Dragon's Spine

  • All quests have been upgraded to level 85 to match the content of the outdoor playfield and dungeons.
  • Purging the Desert: Moved radius marker to cover the contaminated Horned Viper.
  • All repeatable quests are now giving Mark of Acclaim tokens, following the same standard as quests in Paikang.
  • Howling of the Desert Ghouls: Replaced the Excavator's Kit reward with a Caravan Bag, and added Esteem Tokens.

Eiglophian Mountains

  • A Broken Bloodline (Spanish): Fixed incorrect audio.
  • Trapping Spirits: The Spirit's Essence quest item will now go into your quest inventory, not your regular inventory.

Field of the Dead

  • The Tale of the White Hand: This quest will now be re-obtainable from Eacharn if you decide to delete it from your Quest Journal.

Halls of Eternal Frost

  • Undead Guardians: It's no longer possible to break this quest by talking to Serafis in Kheshatta.

Iron Tower

  • The Iron Cook Challenge - Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir: The quest will no longer ask you to make Soursilver Wine.


  • Aello at the Serpent's Head Inn will now tell you to bugger off if you don't have a reason to talk to him.


  • The Hunt: This quest is now available from Kalanthes in Kheshatta.
  • Kalanthes no longer keeps the quest marker icon after you have completed the mission The Hunt.
  • Cleaned up some mismatches in the audio of Kayleigh "Twinkle" O'Fili.
  • Master of Blades: Minor edits to Journal Text.
  • Battling Banditry: The quest will no longer ask you to kill "Void Born Predators", since there is no mob with that name in the game.
  • The Smoky Pits of Stygia: A brush has become a bush.
  • Fixed an issue with Tuktopet that made all players opting for the quest "Stygian Trading Permit" instead end up with the twin quest "Kheshatta Permit for Kaloush".


  • Kara Korum - The Backbone of Khitai: Rephrased last goal description.
  • Kara Korum - The Backbone of Khitai: Made an adjustment to the summoning.
  • Running With the Wolves: If you bought the Horsehair Blanket before taking the quest, you can now resolve the goal to get it by double-clicking on the item.

Khopshef Province

  • The Roots of the Earth: When picking up the Darkroot, the Clay Jar will now be replaced with a Filled Clay Jar.
  • The Pyramid of the Ancients - Power of the Seasons: To prevent players from missing out on the Essence Trap when their inventory is full, a goal to obtain it was added, as well as additional dialogue from the quest giver.

Old Tarantia

  • Skins of the Corrupted: A Wolerine has become Wolverine in the description.
  • Fixed dialogue loops with different NPC's at King Conan's Castle.
  • King Conan's Throne Room - Storming the Gate: The Quest Journal has been updated and now correctly specifies that you have to kill the gate commander.
  • The Urchin: Clarified the quest text to point the player to the correct floor.
  • The Phoenix of the East: The Tunnel Gate Key will now be automatically removed from inventory upon quest completion.
  • Fixed an issue with Scyra where the wrong audio would play on a set of given dialogue options.
  • Fixed an issue with Esperan which caused him to play the incorrect voice over on certain dialogues.
  • Tarantia Commons - Mark of the Plague: Minor text edit has been made to clarify a goal
  • Tarantia Commons - Phaxus: Fixed a loop in dialogue.
  • Tarantia Commons - The Covert Casket: Fixed linking in the Dockmaster's dialogue.


  • Cut the Priestess of Tian's dialogue in parts to make it more readable.


  • Family Matters: Fixed a typo in dialogue.

Thunder River

  • Drenched and Tainted: Quest now rewards ten flasks of Bloodberry Wine, as promised by the quest GUI.
  • Turning Point: The goal marker to kill Gordian the Crusher has been made into a radius.
  • Green Yolk: Redesigned the quest slightly and added more time to return to Farmer Livinius.


  • Letter to the King II: Added text to the completed log of the quest.
  • Letter to the King II: Casilda will now turn to face the player if they greet her from behind.
  • Tortage Day/Night: Sigurd will no longer invade your personal space when talking to him.
  • Red Hand Death: The Venom Glands will now drop from all venomous creatures in the Costal Cave, including Stormweavers. In addition, each creature has a 40% chance of dropping an additional item, and Steelstrike will always drop two, with a fair chance of three. Amount to collect has been slightly increased, and the quest also has an increased XP/Coin reward.
  • You should no longer miss out on accepting Kalanthes' gift at the end of Battle of Tortage.

Villa Quests

  • Added emotes to Gavion and Sarissa to make them more life-like
  • Paetus and the Nemedian Crown II: Gavion will no longer disregard the villa cooldown and pretend he has the next quest in the chain ready for you when he in fact has not.

Wild Lands of Zelata

  • Strongarm Tactics: Fixed an inconsistency in the name of the farmhouse the player is burning.
  • Disquiet Dreams: Minor text fixes have been made.
  • Skins of the Corrupted: Renamed the items needed for this quest and adjusted the goal names accordingly to clarify which corrupted animals needed to be killed to resolve the quest.
  • Fixed an issue with Zelata that caused her to play incorrect audio on one of her responses.

Ymir's Pass

  • The Vale of Lost Women: The harem slave girls now have individual dialogue.
  • The Road to Ymir's Pass: Wagoner Manan will now offer a different dialogue once you've been to Ymir's Pass.
  • Gaze of Crom: The last goal of the quest will now ask for both the rabbit's foot and the snare, eliminating the risk of players deleting the snare to save inventory space and hence break the quest.

Update Notes 4.1 Hotfix - August 15th[]


  • Lowered the DPS of Mining Axe of the Oxmal.
  • Fixed an issue where a few items went missing from the database (Warlord's Great Shield, Tasset of Righteous Smiting, Tunic of the Oxmal).
  • Fixed a number of items from Coils of Ubah Kan which had unintended armor stats.

Update Notes 4.1.1 - August 28th[]

  • Fixed an issue which was assigning too much magic damage to the blue dungeon weapon Totem of the Faceless Sphinx.
  • Fixed an error where it was possible to continually claim a certain quest reward.

Update Notes 4.1.2 - September 3rd[]

  • The Legendary Turach: Fixed an issue where players could not interact with the crane.
  • Reduced the Magic Damage output on the 'Artefact of the Faceless Sphinx'.
  • Reduced the Magic Damage output on the 'Staff of the Shivering Stars'.

Update Notes 4.1.3 - October 23rd[]

Traveling Trader Consumable now available at Veteran Vendor for 5 veteran points. Summon the Traveling Trader to access Bank, Auction House and Mail functionality across the world of Hyboria!


  • Fixed grammatical issues and typos in quest dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Renown Level to reset.
  • Blessing of Asura timer now runs when the character is offline.
  • Blessing of Asura should persist after feat spec change.
  • Blessing of Asura should persist after apprenticeship.
  • Slope-Backed Horse has been renamed to Reaver's Steed.


  • The following dungeons have been temporarily disabled:
  • Halls of Eternal Frost
  • Scorpion Caves
  • The Caravan Raider's Hideout


  • Fixed an issue which would turn the Lost Relic of Iziel-Al'zeep into Disintegrated Bone if a player changed specializations while carrying it.

Update Notes 4.1.4 - November 20th[]

NEW! The following dungeons have undergone a revamp, including the addition of new Unchained modes for level 80 characters!

  • Halls of Eternal Frost
  • Scorpion Caves
  • The Caravan Raider's Hideout
  • A new mastery quest can be found inside the following dungeons, rewarding players for completing all of them in Unchained mode. This quest will reward players with a chance at new weapons, armor, accessories, pets, and potions!
  • Halls of Eternal Frost
  • Scorpion Caves
  • Caravan Raider's Hideout
  • Amphitheater of Karutonia
  • A new mastery quest can also be found inside the following dungeons, rewarding players for completing all of them. This quest will reward players with a chance at new weapons, accessories, pets, and potions!
  • The Coils of Ubah Kan
  • Sepulcher of the Wyrm
  • Fort Ardashir
  • The Vile Nativity

DUNGEONS Temple of Erlik

  • Removed a total of 4 trash mob groups from the instance
    * Expanded the loot tables of all 3 bosses with extra accessories and weapons
    * Fixed an issue with the Bat of Nergal that would cause it to seemingly randomly fixate on a player not on the top of the aggro list
    * Removed the sonic ripple and deafened abilities from the Bat of Nergal
    * The Parasite of Nergal should be recast with greater frequency if it disperses during the Bat of Nergal encounter

Update Notes 4.1.5 - December 10th[]


  • World Raid Bosses are starting to make appearances throughout Hyboria! These abhorrent menaces will provide both challenges and rewards to those brave enough to face them! Players can expect the first of these creatures to roam the wilds starting December 25th! The second menace will appear on January 1st! Keep a look out, adventurers!


  • White Sands Isle can now be accessed by characters of all levels.
  • Decreased the cooldown to 4 hours for the quest In Service of the Excavators.
  • The quest In service of the Excavators should now update if Sodabeh is killed in hard mode as well as in normal mode.


  • The Cell Door Key in the Iron Tower should now correctly drop from at least 1 NPC in each instance of the playfield.

Caravan Raider's Hideout

  • Lowered the frequency of adds spawning in the Demigod of Acheron encounter.
  • Transferred the Demigod of Acheron's loot to the Demigod's cache chest which will appear in his spawn chamber when he is defeated.
  • Increased the damage element on the detonation effect when hitting the Demigod.
  • Hell Walker Saboteurs will no longer use their attacks against the Demigod of Acheron.
  • Attacking any leftover Hellwalker Shredder's after Sethik Bloodblade has been killed should no longer cause the encounters particle wall to be enabled again.

Scorpion Caves

  • Lowered the Scorpion Archer Prince's health by 12.5% in Unchained Mode.
  • Reduced Constantius the Falcon's health by around 5% in Unchained Mode.

Temple of Erlik

  • Bat of Nergal is keeping his melee attacks to encourage the proper use of the Blessing of Tammuz buff.
  • Extended Bat of Nergal's enrage timer by 90 seconds.
  • Extended the duration of the Blessing of Tammuz buff by 90 seconds.
  • Decreased Bat of Nergal's base attack damage by around 12%.
  • The targeting functionality for the Blessing of Tammuz should be more reliable now.
  • If the Blessing of Tammuz is removed by any means its effect will now linger for a few seconds.

Celestial Necropolis

  • Fixed an issue which, under rare circumstances, could cause the loot in the Celestial Necropolis to be inaccessible by players.

Update Notes 4.1.6 - January 14th[]


  • When fighting one of the twelve portents, players will now receive a buff which will give them amnesty against criminal/murder status. This buff will be received if a player is on the bosses threat list for at least 1 minute. The buff and amnesty will expire after 90 seconds.
  • World Raid Bosses will now spawn with much greater frequency (every 30-60mins).
  • Increased the chances of Epic items and Pets dropping from the Mystical Excavator's Kit.



  • Returned the health values of most bosses in Xibaluku back to their previous values, which had been unintentionally altered in a previous patch.

Update Notes 4.1.7 - January 28th[]


  • The world bosses will now more consistently spawn within their allocated spawn week.
  • Updated all PvP vendor weapons to have improved stats that should make them much more competitive in a PvP environment. This includes closing the gap between Tier 1 and Tier 3 PvP weapons.
  • The PvP Level requirements for purchasing Tier 1 PvP weapons has been reduced to PvP Level 3.
  • The PvP Level requirements for purchasing Tier 2 PvP weapons has been reduced to PvP Level 7.

Update Notes 4.1.7 hotfix - March 5 2014[]


The Jade Citadel

  • The entity's corruption has spread out from the depths of the Jade Citadel, player's can now enter his twisted reality from the Hall of Military Eminence
  • Most loot gained from the memory cloud section of the Chamber of Lost Dreams has been redistributed over the following encounters instead: The Zodiac & Emperor Yah Chieng.

Update Notes 4.1.7 hotfix - March 19 2014[]


  • Stats have been redistributed on all tiers of PvP armor. Tier 3 PvP gear should now be of a similar standard to T4 raiding gear. Tier 2 PvP gear should be only slightly lower than Tier 3 PvP gear, and Tier 1 PvP gear only slightly lower than Tier 2 PvP gear.


  • The contraption merchants now offer an exchange of Campaign Badges into Conquest Trophies. The Exchange rate is 1 Campaign Badge to 15 Conquest Trophies. This exchange is one way only.

Update Notes 4.2 - May 15 2014[]


  • PvP Festival events are here! One week out of every month, a location in Hyboria will become the site for various PvP events. A guide on these new mechanics can be found here.
  • Daily PvP Questing System -- These new daily quests will be limited to PvP servers on release, but will be available for PvE servers during the PvP Festival week.
  • New social items have been added to the Contraption Merchants for purchase using Conquest Trophies.
  • A new vendor has arrived in each of the Armory areas; this vendor offers unique new items in exchange for Victory Tokens.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent creation of new characters.
  • Tier 1 and 2 accessories have had their stats improved to bring them more in line with the Tier 3 accessories.
  • Tier 1 accessories no longer have any PvP level requirements and their gold cost has been reduced.
  • Tier 1 accessories available (and previously purchased) through the item store have been upgraded to match the stats of the new Tier 2 accessories.
  • White Sands Isle is now PvP Enabled on all PvP servers.
  • All festival locations on Fury & Rage no longer offer Epic versions of their playfields, this is so that the PvP population is concentrated as much as possible.
  • A number of Resurrection points have been added to all festival location playfields.

Offline Levels

  • Requirements for gaining offline levels have been adjusted. In addition to premium account status, players must now possess a level 70 character before offline levels can be earned on the game account.


Temple of Erlik

  • At least 1 of the new weapon and accessory items are guaranteed to drop from each boss.
  • The Bat of Nergal now provides Dragon's Tears instead of rare relics.
  • Zaal now drops additional rare relics from his lock-box and also a chance at his minipet.
  • The Archfiend of Gore now also drops Phials of Heavenly Knowledge.

Update Notes 4.2 hotfix - May 20th 2014[]


  • The PvP daily quest system will now properly rotate through the available locations.
  • A special anniversary quest can be started in Old Tarantia; an inquisitive street urchin has arrived at the Tarantia docks.

Update Notes 4.2 hotfix - May 22nd 2014[]


  • The active PvP Daily location now provides all players with a buff which will block criminal/murder status.
  • All daily quests now have shorter time limits for completion and shorter cooldowns, this is to prevent players who fail them due to time limitations from being unfairly punished at the same time the following day.
  • Guards will no longer come to player's aid during the Pictish Festival of Bloodshed (daily or festival week) in the festival location.
  • Players below level 80 will receive PvE XP boosts in the festival location.
  • The Blood Begets Blood quest now provides team credit.
  • The Blood Begets Blood quest now has 3 tiers. The first tier has been lowered to only 5 kills to be more achievable to casual players. The second tier remains the same, but with slightly lower rewards. The third tier requires 40kills.
  • The bounty hunter quest now has improved logic for lower level characters and will always pick a target within 8 levels of the character. Level 80 characters will always receive level 80 targets.

Update Notes 4.2 hotfix - May 29th, 2014[]


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to speak with Sudi in Kheshatta.
  • Several collision issues in the Kheshatta zone have been fixed.


  • Shadows of the Past - The rewards now match the reward shown in the quest journal.
  • Shadows of the Past - All parts of this quest line should now update correctly while part of a group.
  • Shadows of the Past - Lava in the Acheronian Ruins Night instance now acts as lava should (killing anyone who falls into it).
  • Shadows of the Past - The Wolf Pict Shaman is now present in Old Tarantia if players leave the Acheronian Ruins without resolving the final part of the quest.
  • Shadows of the Past - The Tortage smuggler will now take the player to the most desirable instance based on quest progress when returning to Tortage.


  • The Special Delivery quest will now correctly update in the Border Kingdoms : Cimmerian End.
  • The Tracking Hawk objects can now be used in the Border Kingdoms : Cimmerian End while a bounty quest is active.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players not in a guild from getting other players not in a guild as the bounty target.
  • Wolf Pict Scavenger will now have the appropriate quest marker.