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Path of Asura Icon Path of Asura is a skill every character starts with from the beginning, you can use it to teleport back to places you have previously visited and are bound to. This allows for quick travel around the world of Hyboria. To change the location you are bound to, you need to find an NPC called a Wayfarer of Asura who are in most major locations.

NPC Region Location
Ili Khemi 984,1226
Pharsis Khopshef Province 464,977
Unknown Atzel's Approach 274,53
Dathos Poitain 1200,875
Medinjai Thunder River 517,1806
Juvis Wild Lands of Zelata 264,736
Malia Tarantia 807,565
Servius Tarantia (Noble District Tavern) 765,1000
Nidd Conall's Valley 610,560
Narmer Purple Lotus Swamp 1046,1085
Tanor Conarch Village 298,529
Braennagh Field of the Dead 1153,566
Laug Eiglophian Mountains 384,395
Gang Wayfarer Gateway to Khitai, Trading Village 1280,710
Grasslands Wayfarer Northern Grasslands, Pin-Pin 950,947
Pei-jun Chosain Province, Shaulun 1018,805

As of 27 May 2008, If you have the "invulnerability buff" after resurrection or zoning, Path of Asura is Instant Cast.