Overview: Pets[]

There are numerous Pets available to be obtained in Age of Conan. Some are available as minions, able to be summoned and directed in battle. Others are gained through adventuring in certain dungeons and drop rarely from specific bosses. Yet further pets are found in Khitai, and only by proving loyal to the various factions can they be obtained.

Caster Pets[]

Some of the Classes in Age of Conan are able to summon pets. Both the Necromancer and Demonologist can summon pets under their control. The necromancer can summon numerous undead pets from weak melee fighting scorpions to strong caster wraiths. The demonologist can summon single, more powerful demons.

The player has little control over their pets and the challenge of playing a pet class is managing your pets. The player can set aggressive, defensive and passive modes but other than that they will only attack your target and can't be individually controlled. Necromancer pets also generate aggro to the caster rather than to themselves. Information regarding the Demonologist is still very limited.

Khitai Faction Pets[]

These are unique faction specific pets, that can only be obtained once the highest rank (Rank 4) has been reached with each faction in Khitai.

All faction pets will replace the Kappa/Ravager when cast and put these on a 120s cooldown.

Social Pets / Companions[]

Some of the social pets and companions found in Age of Conan and cannot be used in combat.

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