Guild cities[]

Guilds can build their own cities in Age of Conan. Once a guild has 24 members they can apply for a city building spot in one of the resource zones. The guild cities are built in 3 different Tiers(1-3). The cities consists of many individual buildings such as the trader, workshops, library, the keep and many others. Players can also decorate their guild cities with statues, flowers, trees, banners, etc.

The guild city function as a meeting place for the guild, in there they have their own private Trader, guild members also have a extraPath of Comrades that has it's own independent timer from the Path of Asura. Making it easy for guild members to drop by the guild city between dungeons for a quick beer and to meet up with guildies.

The rewards for building the city are mostly social, but guild members also get a small boost to their character stats for each Tier of the guild city they build.

With the Renown system, there are now new quests to be taken in the guild city, which reward new mounts and pets.

Old Faq for Guild Cities from before launch:

Will players be able to build cities in Age of Conan?[]

Yes, there is a complete system in place for allowing guilds to build entire cities, and there will be both PvP cites (or battlekeeps as we'll call them) and cities found in areas where you can not PvP. Once a guild is rich and powerful enough, it will be able to purchase a piece of land and start building a settlement. The process will, of course, take anywhere from days to weeks and months, and all the members of the guild will have to work together to reach this goal. If you would like more information on PvP cities please check out the PvP and siege section of the FAQ.

Where can we build player cities?[]

There are designated areas in the world where you can build player cities. It is not possible to pick just any place to build a city, as this could quite possibly break not only the aesthetics of the game but also the very structure of it. These areas are open for anyone to settle in.

How many player cities can there be on one server?[]

When dozens of guilds each want to create a player city, there needs to be systems in place to prevent overcrowding and a system to ensure everyone gets space to build on. That's why we're using instancing for these areas. One copy of the area can, for instance, hold a certain amount of player cities, and once that number is reached the server creates another instance of that area which players can settle in. Be aware, however, that everyone can visit every player city if they want to. Using instancing technology is the only way to ensure all guilds get the opportunity to build cities in the PvE regions.

How does the process of building a city actually work?[]

Once your guild have purchased a piece of land you can start building right away. For most of the building work, you will need someone in the guild with the skills of the architect to construct and place the buildings within the boundary of the area you have purchased. You also need resources like iron, wood and stone to construct buildings, and all members of the guild will be able to go out into the world and collect these. The architect can then start setting up buildings.

What sort of buildings will you be able to construct?[]

There are many different kinds of buildings available for player cities – everything from smithies to town halls, taverns and shops. You can even build city walls to defend your settlement.

Can other players attack our city?[]

No, rivaling player guilds can not attack your city in the PvE regions. We came to the conclusion that it would not always be entertaining to have your city attacked by other guilds when you've spent such a long time building it up. Instead, computer-controlled enemies will be more than happy to invade your settlement. Once you start building your own player city, computer-controlled characters will start making a city not far from yours. You will see their structures appearing over the course of days and weeks, and once they've made the barracks they will start producing soldiers which they can then use to launch an attack on your player city.

PvE attacks on guild cities have not yet been implemented in AoC.

== How often will these computer-controlled enemies attack? == The computer-controlled enemy city will attack at specific intervals – not all the time, so you won't have to constantly be on guard. However, you would be wise in attacking them first, keeping the development of their city down, or else they will eventually grow into a powerful adversary who can attack and destroy your city using not only their men alone, but also catapults and trebuchets.

PvE attacks on guild cities have not yet been implemented in AoC.

So my guild can't own anything that other players can attack?[]

Separate from the areas of city building, you will find the Border Kingdoms. In these lands your guild will be able to construct and maintain a battlekeep that can be attacked by rivaling guilds. It is possible to own both a battlekeep and a player-made city.

What benefits are there from owning a player city?[]

Besides the obvious statement it makes – a player city being perhaps one of the ultimate symbols of status and success – you will also be able to build structures that are beneficial for everyone in your guild. This is a place where your people can come together and carry out the business needed, and the facilities of a player city can come quite in handy for a traveling adventurer. You can also open shops and man them with computer-controlled vendors, and other players – even those outside your guild – will be able to visit these shops and trade there. So your city can become the ultimate hot spot for trading in the region, if that is what you want. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

Can anyone else besides guild members protect the city?[]

Anyone can be present in your city and fight whatever invading forces that might appear. The guild can also hire computer-controlled guards that will be able to offer a fair deal of protection.

Can other players outside the guild visit our city?[]

Yes, everyone can enter any city as long as there are no city walls blocking you out. If there are such walls, the gate will have to be open for non-guild members to enter.