PvP (Player versus Player) is the term for combat between playable characters.

Massive battles Edit

King Conan has opened Aquilonia up for expansion into the bothersome Border Kingdoms. Several individuals in his court will thus sponsor settlements in this region. This means that the players can choose a side and set up their own castles in these instantiated areas. The castles must be defended against other guilds that want these highly lucrative areas. This form of PvP will provide large-scale battles where a set number of defenders and attackers can clash together at predefined, regulated, intervals. To aid in these battles, the players can use hirelings, siege engines and all the tricks in the books to fight their way to the glory of King Conan's court.

Mini Games Edit

The second type of PvP is the team-focused mini-games. Here, the players are fighting king of the hill, capture the flag and other types of team-oriented mini-games. To facilitate a "just" system in PvP games like these, we have included an auto-leveling feature where the players are divided into four different tiers; each 20 levels are grouped together. Each tier enables the player to auto-level to the highest level in it. Using a matchmaking interface, the players are quickly grouped together into equally sized teams, and then their levels are equaled out. This auto-leveling feature lasts the length of the battle, and means that your current abilities are boosted to be almost as good as they would have been if you had gained the level the normal way. Going the distance is naturally preferable as you will gain totally new abilities that are not available to the auto-leveled. This auto-leveling system will also be in place in the massive PvP, with a set number of units in each category.

Capture the Flag Ruleset Edit

information transcribed from this screenshot, dots indicate un-clear text with some "assumed" text in place of it.

Each team starts in their home base with thier flag. Fight your way tot he enemy base and steal their flag by using it. Then run to home base and use your flag to complete a capture. Each capture ...[earns]... the team 1 point. If the flag ...[bearer]... is killed, the flag drops to the ground and can then be stolen again by other enemies or returned to home base by your team members. Team, that scores more captures at the end of 20min period, wins the match. If one team scores five captures, it wins immediately.

Minor Immunity to Crowd Control Spells Edit

To prevent constant spamming of spells rendering a player incapacitated for long periods of time.

IE: Constant Stuns and Chain Fears

For the crowd control spells that are available, when in PvP targets develop an immunity to certain spells for a period of time to avoid unbalancing the gameplay.

This makes combat less of a who can spam the most and more of a who knows how to fight

Siege Warfare Edit

For additional information specific to Siege Warfare, see this page.

Developer Quotes Edit

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