This portal page is intended to be a central point for information relating to quests in Age of Conan. It is not yet complete, but its goal is to be a central hub for quest information on each and every quest available in the game.

Any given character's progression through Age of Conan in unique; different characters will follow different quest sequences in different orders. However, for organizational purposes this wiki will organize quests into (roughly) locale-based Timelines, presented below in roughly the expected (or suggested) order of acquisition.

Age of Conan Timelines[]

Questing Strategy[]

The Timelines presented here are focused around solo play; players interested in questing with a group should see the Group Quests article. All characters begin play in the Tortage Beach region, with the Shipwrecked quest, the first quest in the Destiny Quest Timeline. Following this quest series should take the character to level 7 or 8. After that players will need to do some of the quests in the Tortage Island Timeline in order to reach a level high enough for the next quest in the Destiny Timeline. As players advance, they should keep in mind the multiple Timelines available to them at their level; if they run out of quests in one Timeline, they can always move to a different timeline

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