18th Dec, 2007. There has been a recent review from shacknews that claims classes are now reduced to 3 for priest and mages, as it's only 1 review and several other sites have done reviews around the same time without mention of this, it is possible only a temporary thing for the journalists at the time.

Unfortunately the reviewer comments on many various "bugs" within the game as well so the whole article is quite negative. The wiki will be updated when more confirmed information is forthcoming.

Until then, Mages and Priests are current.

Daworm 09:29, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

Below is from here

Why are journalists playing unfinished clients?[]

LordOrion and I have both gone over this. For tradeshows and press demos, we use older builds where the bugs are ironed out or known, because the last place you want to discover fun and exciting new bugs is with 20 journalists sitting in a room with you (or in front of thousands of people).

Update 20th Jan, 2008[]

It's now official. Classes in Age of Conan have gone from 14 to 12.

What's Changed?

  • Scion of Set and Stormcaller replaced by Tempest of Set
  • Lich is removed and almost all of their abilities/spells are being included in other classes.
    • Necromancer now gains the Lich's form change ability as it suits the Necro's whole undead summoning command theme.
    • Other indepth details are still to be forth-coming.