In an effort to reward those investing time and effort into Age of Conan, thus allowing Funcom to put even more resources into adding and improving upon the game, we are now introducing a points system that will give you tons of exclusive benefits!

These are exciting times in the world of Hyboria, and adventurers are in high demand to fend off the forces of doom and evil that is invading the lands. In an effort to attract a steadier stream of heroes willing to lay down their lives, Conan is handing out points to anyone who can prove their commitment to surviving in the brutal world of Hyboria!

Okay, so that's the in-character version of it. Funcom is now introducing the concept of Powerpoints. These can be spent on various different exclusive benefits, services and items! Powerpoints are generated over time in various different ways, as detailed later.

Let's first take a look at what these Powerpoints can get you:[]

  • You can buy Powerfeats – exclusive feats that can buff your character and provide you with new and very powerful spells and abilities!
  • You can take gathered pearls and turn them into Powerpearls. These can be put into weapons and armor to make them even more powerful!
  • You can obtain special offers that we will put into the game regularly, but only if you have enough Powerpoints! This can be anything from mounts to spells!
  • You can convert Powerpoints into so-called rested experience, effectively allowing you to level up faster than you would otherwise!
  • You can purchase exclusive weapons, armor, potions, recipes, ingredients, and other times using a mix of ordinary gold and Powerpoints.

The good thing is that Powerpoints are retroactively applied to new characters. So points you have generated will also befall new characters you make, making it easier to level up and play with new characters. This is simply to improve replayability for you.

So how can you acquire Powerpoints? Here are some of the ways:

Having an active subscription[]

You will earn one Powerpoint each week for all characters on your account as long as you have an active subscription. You do not have to actually log in and play the game; we will simply reward you for your aid in allowing Funcom to improve Age of Conan.

Having many guild members[]

Once your guild reaches a high number of members, you will start seeing the benefits. If one hundred unique members log into the guild at least once every week, all members in that guild will be granted one Powerpoint that week. So make sure your guild grows!

By owning a battlekeep[]

If your guild is lucky enough to own a battlekeep, every member in your guild will receive one Powerpoint every week you have that battlekeep. Of course, holding on to such a keep will prove to be a formidable task, so be sure to protect your property!

Post-level 80 reward system[]

Okay, so you have reached level 80 and there are no more experience levels to reach. But with the Powerpoint system you will now earn one point each time you were supposed to reach a new level, effectively rewarding you for continuing to develop your character!

By winning PvP mini-games[]

After having reached level 40, you will get one Powerpoint for every 40th mini-game you win. This is basically a way for us to reward you if you put a lot of effort into partaking in mini-games with other players and, of course, making sure you win as well!

Please keep in mind that these details might change over time as the game grows. We might also choose to include new ways of earning Powerpoints later.

Please note that you can start earning Powerpoints once your free month of play is up, but the actual benefits will not be available in the game until later this year. However, we encourage you to start saving up Powerpoints as soon as possible! When we do launch this service later, you will be at a serious advantage if you have points to spend!

You will start accumulating points once your free month is up, but please note that we have not implemented a tracker in the interface yet. This will appear at the end of June.