Concept Art picture of a Priest in Age of Conan

Priests in Age of Conan are a step beyond the stereotype of a vulnerable healer - they can call forth the power of their deities to smite and expose their enemies whilst protecting and aiding their allies. While the priest is certainly the cornerstone of a good team-in that they provide the vital restoration skills required to keep their allies standing in battle-they are much more than just a simple passive healer.

Priests draw on the strength of their faith, and their abilities are derived from the power of their respective deities. Each god provides unique aspects to their followers, from the lethal lightning cast by a Tempest of Set, the brute physical force of a Bear Shaman, or the holy fury of a Priest of Mitra.

The priests of Hyboria can be broadly split between those that follow the shamanic path and those that dedicate themselves as high priests of a deity.

Trusting in their respective deities to preserve their lives Tempests and Priests of Mitra wear light armor, and need to avoid direct melee confrontation wherever possible. Bear Shaman's instead revel in melee combat and use medium armor to keep them alive in the thick of battle.

Priest classes Edit

Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer