Priest of Mitra
Permitted Races
One-handed Blunt
One-handed Edged
Cloth Armor
Light Armor
Priest (archetype)

Divinity (Self Damage, Healing)
Vengeance (Buffing Group Damage, Healing)

Their god is one of justice, security, and liberty, and their followers are ready to fight to ensure these freedoms and to battle against oppression, tyranny, and villainy.

Proud and devout, the Priests of Mitra (PoM) ensure that the teachings of their god are protected and passed on to their followers. Their faith allows them to draw on great determination and belief that they cannot help but instill in those around them. Priests of Mitra wield divine power that can aid, heal, and even bring the dead to life. Priests of Mitra also have the strongest healing powers, yet retain the ability to bombard the enemy with holy damage. Their powers to augment those around, heal wounds, and impair enemies make them indispensable to any party exploring Hyboria.

The Priest of Mitra has several different healing spells, both Cone Healing (heal over time) spells and spells that heal all team members around the priest.

The Priest of Mitra isn't a very competent melee fighter, preferring to smite their enemies with spells from a distance. Even though the priest is able to use shields, their soft armor makes them vulnerable to melee fighters. However, the priest can learn the Repulse spell which throws away enemies in the vicinity of the priest, and also has a few other tricks to keep the melee at bay.

The priest also has some indespensible group buffs; for example, the spell Divine Vigor increases the maximum health of team members in the priest's group.

Summary Edit

Devoting their lives to the service of their deity, the Priests of Mitra are able to draw upon immense power and wisdom. While some dedicate their lives to quiet studies and worship to Mitra, others head into the wilds of Hyboria to seek out challenges and overcome them by employing the powers and protection their deity bestow upon them.

In Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, the Priest of Mitra is the primary healer in any group they might join. They can mean the difference between life and death, and if the latter happens they can still bend the very rules of mortality and bring their teammates back from the land of the dead.

Far from just being the one who put bandages on your wounds, the Priest of Mitra is also an able damage dealer – especially due to their potent nuke spells and several quick burst spells.

The Priest of Mitra proves to be a versatile class, dabbling with anything from healing to damage dealing to crowd control and support. Their focus naturally lies in the arts of healing and support, where they have an extensive toolset to draw from as they progress in level and dive deeper into Mitra's powers.

Feat Trees Edit

Divinity is a good choice for a priest who wants to focus on becoming the primary healer. The Divinity feat tree expands the priest's divine knowledge with new prayers and heal empowering feats like Divine Lance, Blessing of Mitra, Divine Halo, Divine Salvation and Holy Cleansing. A Divinity priest will also become a strong damage dealer, though primarily against single targets. He can empower his core damage spells to improve heals and investing divine power into channeling holy damage on his target through the use of the Condemnation spell. The Divinity priest is also a strong crowd controller with increased range for Repulse and extra immunity and utilities like Exorcism, Spiritual Warding and Avatar of Mitra. Focus of the Divinity tree will improve the healing capacity of the priest, shield companions and protect the group through additional crowd control utilities.

Vengeance is the clear choice for any priest who wants to face the challenges of taking down several enemies on the battlefield at the same time. The Vengeance priest boosts his AoE damage through healing. By investing points into feats like Cleansing Fire, Sacred Fire and Mitra’s Searing Eye, the priest is granted a new vengeful damage bonus through the Sacred Smite. The priest's healing prayers can also be infused to become powerful area damage spells by investing into Purification of Mitra. Additional points invested into the Immortal Wrath feat line specializes the Priest further into the field of area damage. The main focus of the Vengeance tree is not only area damage, however. Vengeance priests also support and empower their team with unique team buffs like Glowing Radiance, The Light Within, Guardian Spirit, Vengeful Devotion and Manifestation of Mitra.


Cone healing is perhaps the Priest of Mitra’s most interesting method of healing. In Age of Conan the player can fire off a cone healing spell, such as the Wave of Life, that places a moderate heal over time (HoT) on the caster as well as placing a more powerful heal over time effect on all friendly targets within the cone-shaped area extruding from the player. This is often referred to as a "Blue Heal." The Tempest of Set has Life of Set as their blue heal and Bear Shamans cast Blood Flow. Only one blue heal may be active on a player at a time, so the most recently casted blue heal will overwrite any others active on the player.

A smaller but less position dependent heal over time spell the Priest of Mitra has is Emanation of Life. This is often reffered to as a "Green Heal" and can stack with blue heals and other healer's green heals. Also, while less effective thana blue heal, it casts to anyone in the group within a certain range, even if they are behind walls or in another room. This is a good heal to always have running on the group in PvP and PvE.

Of course, the Priest of Mitra also has access to a large burst healing spell called Radiance, which heals all allies around the priest. This spell heals for a large amount in an AoE around the priest, but does not leave a heal over time effect. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds, but anyone healed by the heal, often reffered to as a "Big Heal," can only be affected by it once ever 60 seconds. Unlike blue heals, big heals from different classes can stack, so a Bear Shaman's Fierce Recovery, and a Tempest of Set's Vitalizing Jolt, each with a seperate 60 second effective cooldown, can be used in conjunction with Radiance to greatly heal allies in the area.

When it comes to resurrecting fallen teammates, this is an ability the player obtain as early as the tenth level when he is still nothing but a simple Priest working himself through the archetype levels to become a Priest of Mitra. This spell is aptly called Resurrection, and may only be used if the Priest is in the fallen ally's group and the group is not in combat.

There are several other Alternate Advancement perks that allow the Priest to provide the group with even more healing. These spells include, Celestial Gaze and Shimmering Invocation.


On the damage side of things, the Priest of Mitra has a few tricks up his sleeve. One of the fancier things is probably the Repulse spell that will knock enemies around the caster back and send them flying through the air while dealing a fair amount of damage to them. Then you have more target specific spells, such as the Smite and Rebuke. Some other important spells learned through feats are Lance of Mitra, Cleansing Fire, Condemnation, and Mitra's Searing Eye. All of these have a cast time, which forces the Priest to stop moving to cast or in Condmenation's case, to channel the spell. Cleansing Fire when fully feated is a Priest's only Damage Over Time (DoT), but Lance of Mitra and Mitra's Searing Eye do column damage to any enemies between the Priest and the intended target.

Defense & Crowd ControlEdit

In extreme times of desperation, the Priest of Mitra may turn to his deity for the ultimate support. Through the Soul of Mitra spell, the Priest will ignite in holy fire, inflicting damage to anyone in his general vicinity. It will even render him almost completely immune to physical damage! It comes at a cost, though, as the Priest himself is unable to take any action, and finds their mana and stamina reduced to nothing while filled with the power of Mitra. However, through the Alternate Advancement perk Blessed Soul, the priest is not stunned, and can move, heal, and cast aoe spells with Soul of Mitra active albeit with a large snare. Investing more points reduces the snare amount, making Soul of Mitra a good tool for pushing in PvP or doing a great deal of aoe damage in PvE while still invulnerable. Another defensive maneuver is to use Hand of Mitra, which while not providing a damaging shield or incapacitating the Priest, makes them invulnerable to damage by providing +100 damage deflection. This allows the Priest to heal back up or push the enemy harder without fear of injury.

The Priest of Mitra is slightly disadvantaged when it comes to melee fighting, even though he masters several weapons such as one-handed edged and blunt, daggers, crossbows and thrown weapons. A Priest's lack of advanced weapon combos and mastership of only cloth and light armor (though still able to wield a shield) makes them a soft and prime target for the enemy. One way a Priest addresses their fraility is through Armor of Faith. This spell gives a substantial boost in armor, but at the cost of a mana drain effect, decreased holy damage, and a unholy resist penalty. These negative effects can be improved with the Blessed Armor of Faith, and Unyielding Faith feats in the Divinity Tree.

It is still important for the Priest of Mitra to keep his enemies at a distance whenever possible. By using the power of Mitra he is able to affect the minds of others around him, becoming very able at crowd control. As an example, the Eye of Judgment spell will cause enemies to flee in terror, while the Condemn spell will effectively stun enemy targets. Also if points are put deep into the Divinity feat tree, a Priest can learn Avatar of Mitra, a powerful AoE stun that makes demons, liches, and minions flee in terror instead. Coupled with the damaging Repulse spell, the Priest has many tools to fend off enemies.

One of his crowd control spells, Repudiate which is gained at level seventy, is a ground targeted AoE spell that will hinder enemies’ movement in an area of effect. Undead monsters and even polymorphed Lich players will suffer a secondary fear effect in addition to having their movement hindered.

Support & BuffsEdit

Giving strength to his teammates and improving their odds is also paramount to the Priest of Mitra. Divine Vigor will for instance increase the maximum health of the entire group, but as with many of the Priest’s buffs, the effect is propagated from him so any teammate standing too far away from him would not get the benefits of the buff. Also only one health buff may be active on the group at a time, so it will not stack with other PoM's Divine Vigor or a ToS Mark of Set, or a BS Spirit of the Bear. The other team buff is Devotional Prayer, which gives the team a combat rating (holy) boost. Poms distinguish themselves from other healers by having a buff called Reciprocal Healing which grants additional healing when two blue heals are cast on the same target. Instead of cancelling themselves out, a minor secondary healing effect is kept, giving poms a slight edge. In the Divinity Tree, Priests can gain the buff Light of Mitra which grants a stamina and mana regen effect on the Priest and anyone they heal with Wave of Life. This is a vital skill to conteract poor mana retention the Pom suffers from. In the Vengeance Tree Priests can spec for Purification of Mitra which applies a damaging effect on all nearby enemies upon casting Wave of Life. Unfortunately, only Light of Mitra or Purification of Mitra may be active at one time, not both at the same time.


The life of a Priest of Mitra is one of devotion to his deity. Years of study into ancient manuscripts and finding ways of channeling his deity’s powers have given control of spells that can damage the bodies of his enemies and even alter their minds. But it is the Priest’s skill in healing that sets him apart, and responsibility for the lives of others can be a heavy burden to bear.

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