Professions are crafts or tradeskills that player characters may learn regardless of their primary character class or race.


Note that one player can only get 2 crafting professions out of the ones listed below.

Picking up this trade allows you to craft various types of weaponry, from swords to staffs, from daggers to crossbows. Everything needed to kill your opponents!
If you wish to go the completely opposite route from the weaponsmith, try picking up the armorsmithing craft that allows you to craft various types of armor pieces.
Do you enjoy mixing things into vials and seeing how the result affects people? Then you should try your luck at alchemy, allowing you to make various types of potions.
City-building is an integral part of Age of Conan, and you will need someone skilled in the arts of architecture to draw up the plans needed for the different buildings.
Monsters tend to drop rough gems that the gemcutter can turn into powerful enchantments, and these can be placed into other crafted items to make them more potent.


Harvesting professions may be trained at level 20 from trainers in Poitain, Laceish Plains and Purple Lotus Swamp. The trainers will give you quests at each tier that allow you to harvest higher level materials. You may learn all six of the gathering professions.

The first tier quests involve gathering 20 of each respective resource. Upon turning each of those quests in, you will receive the tier 2 quests to gather a single rare drop of each respective type. Note that for all gathering quests the completion credit is for actually gathering the item. Purchased materials will not count towards the tier quests.

Note that trying to harvest any material too high for your current level results in a message that states that the character doesn't have the harvesting skill.

Raw Materials[]

Skill Tier 1 Rare Tier 1 Tier 2 (Level 50) Rare Tier 2 Tier 3 (Level 70) Rare Tier 3
Mining [Copper] [Tin] (rare Copper) [Iron] [Aurichalcum] (rare Iron) [Duskmetal] [Blue Iron] (rare Duskmetal)
Prospecting [Silver] [Black Silver] (rare Silver) [Electrum] [Illustrium] (rare Electrum) [Gold] [Platinum] (rare Gold)
Skinning [Rough Leather] [Brindled Leather] [Calloused Leather] [Grained Leather] [Gnarled Leather] [Whorled Leather]
Stonecutting [Sandstone] [Clear Quartz] (rare Sandstone) [Granite] [Feldspar] (rare Granite) [Basalt] [Adamant] (rare Basalt)
Weaving [Cotton] [Cottonwisp] (rare Cotton) [Silk] [Tussah Silk] [Ironsilk] [Gossamer Silk]
Woodcutting [Ash] [Ebon Ash] (rare Ash) [Yew] [Amberwood] (rare Yew) [Oak] [Soulwood] (rare Oak)

Trainer Locations[]

Learn mining from Yvanno in Poitain at 1278, 1525
Learn mining from Auguset in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1210, 1165
Learn mining from Naos in Laceish Plains at 1198, 716
Learn prospecting from Simione in Poitain at 1287, 1497
Learn prospecting from Gera in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1200, 1060
Learn prospecting from Sive in Laceish Plains at 1217, 690
Learn skinning from Iathos in Poitain at 1305, 1551
Learn skinning from Setaura in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1055, 1175. This NPC is located under the building at these coordinates.
Learn skinning from Athar in Laceish Plains at 1245, 671
Learn stonecutting from Aemias in Poitain at 1363,1513
Learn stonecutting from Meshotep in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1120, 1100
Learn stonecutting from Ruak in Laceish Plains at 1203, 732
Learn weaving from Brienne in Poitain at 1248, 1482
Learn weaving from Tespet in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1160, 1140
Learn weaving from Caytha in Laceish Plains at 1225, 677
Learn woodcutting from Taronus in Poitain at 1291, 1555
Learn woodcutting from Neseptor in Purple Lotus Swamp at 1165, 1165
Learn woodcutting from Comgen in Laceish Plains at 1157, 645