Pyramid of the Ancients
Level 36 - 37
Pyramid of Ancients
Region Stygia
Zone Khopshef Province

End Boss Lord Atum-Keket
Player Limit 1

Pyramid of the Ancients is a Dungeon located in the eastern region of Khopshef Province (1256,801).


This dungeon has been revamped by FunCom. Most noteably changes is bugfixes and a more interesting last boss fight.

Pyramid 2nd Floor Map

Map of the Pyramid of the Ancients, 2nd Floor


To take down Lord Atum-Keket in this instance you need to have all four oracle-dropped gems. If you follow the progression of the dungeon, it is soloable at normal difficulty by any class at level 35-37.


  1. The first oracle manifestation will occur as you approach the second pool of water on floor 1. He will drop your first gem - Ward of Corruption. (side quests - before this fight, in the first main room, you can pick up The Dangers of Decadence from Pashi. in the second room, after this fight, you can pick up A Discerning Eye from Deli)
  2. The second oracle manifestation appears midway through floor 2 (right at the first fork in the road). He will drop your second gem - Ward of Piety.
  3. Thak - Taking a left turn at the second fight, and hugging the left wall in the poisoned hallways will bring you to Thak who will drop a scroll to help you combat the swordmaster. He also guards Shali, Pashi's twin sister.
  4. Torture Master - Go back to that fork and go the other way and you will come to the torture chamber. The torture master will only spawn once you've talked to Shali, and carries the key to her chains. You can then go back and free her, completing that side quest.
  5. Cult Swordmaster - Continue to floor 3 and you will eventually run into a room with a bunch of dog minions and the sword master. Every once in awhile he will cast a huge buff on himself. Use the scroll dropped by Thak to protect yourself. He will drop another scroll that is necessary to defeat the next boss.
  6. Cult Spellmaster - Continue on until you reach the spellmaster. You'll have to watch his castbar for a long-casting spell called "Disintegration" which you can protect yourself from with the scroll dropped by the swordmaster.
  7. Stone statue - You will progress to the end of the level and meet up with the statue, who wants it's eyes back.
  8. Emerald Guardians - You'll have to go back down to the second floor where two new side passages will have opened. Look out for the spike traps. Collect your eyes and return back towards the statue. (Note that, as you progress backwards through floor 3, shadow rogues should now spawn on you in the dark hallways. This means you have maintained the appropriate pyramid progression so far.)
  9. Progressing forward through floor 3 with your eyes in tow, you should now trigger the third oracle manifestation, who will drop your third gem - Fire Ward, and the fourth oracle manifestation, who will drop your fourth gem - Frost Ward.
  10. Lord Atum-Keket Once you replace the stone statue's eyes, you will be able to enter the final chamber and after smacking the Oracle a few times, he will transform into Lord Atum-Keket. You must use the warding gems strategically to survive this fight. For every 25% of his Health, he will have buff for one of his four attacks. Use the wards in the same order he drops them: Unholy, Holy, Fire and Frost. Switch to the next ward at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% HP.


Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Lord Atum-Keket Iti Khopshef Province
All That Remains Shath-Hoten Khopshef Province
The Power of the Seasons Ziyad Khopshef Province
The Dangers of Decadence Pashi Pyramid of the Ancients
A Discerning Eye Deli Pyramid of the Ancients
Nightmares of Flame Inspect the envelope on 1st floor at (218.3,474.9) Pyramid of the Ancients
Emerald Eyes Guardian Statue Pyramid of the Ancients
Words of Wisdom Inspect the tome on 2nd floor at (90.7, 55.1) Pyramid of the Ancients

Note: Guardian Statue is located on the top floor of the pyramid, do not kill the Emerald Guardians on the second floor before getting the quest.


  • Pashi
  • Deli
  • Shali
  • Guardian Statue

Loot Table[]

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Oracle Manifestation [Ward of Corruption]

[Ward of Piety]

[Fire Ward]

[Frost Ward]

Thak [Thak's Iron Fist][Cryptcaller's Staff] [Bane of the Destroyer]
Master Torturer [Torturer's Billhook]
Cult Swordmaster [Swordmaster's Flambard][Swordmaster's Scimitar] [Bane of the Spellmaster]
Cult Spellmaster [Spellmaster's Tome]
Emerald Guardian
Lord Atum-Keket [Thirst] [Lord Atum-Keket's Cape]

Dungeon Denizens[]

External Links[]

AoC Armory - Stygia

Pyramid of the Ancients map

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