Quest Dialogue[]

The gemcutter trainer taught me how to make beginner gem cuts. The book of crafting recipes lists which gems to cut, the tools which are required and how to cut each gem accordingly.

The gemcutter trainer asked that I return and tell him of my progress. When I have done so, the gemcutter trainer will help me further my training.


This tier of Gemcutting grants you the following recipes. You only have to craft three to progress through the quest chain.

  • Black Spinel Bead (Uncut Black Spinel + Jeweler's Tools)
  • Crimson Beryl Bead (Uncut Fiery Beryl + Jeweler's Tools)
  • Jasper Bead (Uncut Jasper + Jeweler's Tools)
  • Kyanite Bead (Uncut Kyanite + Jeweler's Tools)
  • Malachite Bead (Uncut Malachite + Jeweler's Tools))
  • Rock Crystal Bead (Uncut Rock Crystal + Jeweler's Tools)