Queen of Punishment
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory White Sands
Quest Starts At Sancha

Minimum Level 13

Objective/s • Search for traces of Hortensia

Reward 2010 XP

4 43

Leads To Abandoned in the Halls of Fear

I. Lost Love[]


  • Search for traces of Hortensia

Journal Entry[]

Sancha, the mistress of the Bearded Clam whorehouse, has lost one of her girls. Hortensia has gone missing on White Sands Isle, and Sancha wants me to search the southern Pict camp there to see if I can find any evidence of where she might be. She was wearing a dress and a golden necklace when Sancha last saw her.



Upon entering the southern-most Pict camp on the island (the one surrounded by a log wall), you will see a large hut on an elevated platform to your left. The necklace is laying there on a crate, but you will have to fight off numerous Picts (lvl 15-17) to reach the necklace. NOTE: If you circle around the camp to the back, there is a break in the wall that will bring you across from the elevated hut. If you allow the patrolling Pict to pass, you then only have to deal with the 2-3 enemies on the platform itself.

II. Return to Sancha[]


  • Give the Necklace to Sancha

Journal Entry[]

I found Hortensia's necklace in the southern Pict camp. I need to return to Sancha and tell her I've found evidence of the girl's fate.