The Mitra Clergy
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory City of Tortage
Quest Starts At Ninus
Quest Ends At Ninus

Reward 1271 XP

2 70

[Ninus' Quarterstaff]

I. The Priestess[]


  • Talk to Belesa

Journal Entry[]

Ninus, the priest of Mitra, has asked me to get a book, 'Commentaries on the Bright Path Scrolls' from the priestess Belesa. He said she is probably at the Thirsty Dog Inn.

II. The Mansion Guards[]


  • Steal the book from Seadog Mansion

Journal Entry[]

Belesa did not have the book, as a rich pirate got to it first. I must go to the Seadog Mansion in the uptown district to the south and steal the book, 'Commentaries on the Bright Path Scrolls' from there. You will find the book around the corner to right on a box against the wall in front.

Take the book back to Ninus.