• Return to Rhiderch at level 50.

II. The Northern Atlantean Artifact

Niall knew what I came to seek. He told me the cave was to the east of the village, past flesh-eaters living on the mountain side. Mithrelle is there, together with the Phoenix of the North, behind a wall of ice that I might have to break with force.

  • Kill Mithrelle
  • Collect the Northern Atlantean Artifact
Once inside the ice cave you will have to fight some Acheronian Slaves before busting down an ice wall to get access to Mithrelle. There wil be a short cut scene then you will be attacked by large numbers of level 51 worm minions who come three at a time. After you kill 15+ of the small worms a level 51 worm boss will immediately spawn. You are stuck in combat so you will not be able to heal. Beat the worm boss down far enough and Mithrelle will lose control of it and you can attack her. It appears to start attacking you again in the middle of that but you can easily finish it off and go back to Mithrelle. Beat her down. Once she is defeated, a chest will appear but is not lootable. Smash the chest to reveal a lootable chest. On the wall behind Mithrelle is a sitting statue holding a gong. Click it and you receive the Phoenix of the North medallion.[edit | edit source]

III. Remembering the Past

I killed Mithrelle and got the Phoenix of the North! I must return to Conarch village and talk to Rhiderch.

  • Return to Riderach
  • Remember your past

IV. The Messenger

Rhiderch used the piece of the medallion I found in the Eiglophian Mountains to further help me remember my past. He told me to talk to Kalanthes next. He is waiting for me in a small building with a blue door, by the auction house in Old Tarantia.

  • Talk to Kalanthes


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