The Slave Girl
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Camillus
Quest Starts At Rahim
Quest Ends At Rahim

Objective/s • Kill Lord Camillus
• Rescue Adana

Reward 29,400 XP

3 28 79

I. Perils of the Working Class[]


  • Kill Lord Camillus
  • Rescue Adanna

Journal Entry[]

Rahim, from the Armsmans Tavern, has informed me of dark, demonic magic taking place within Villa Camillus, the household staff and servants being turned into terrible monsters. His daughter has been forced to work there, and I have been asked to free her from Lord Camillus' grip.

II. Freedom from Camillus[]


Journal Entry[]

I have rescued Rahim's daughter from the cold clutches of the cruel Camillus. Now that the deed is done, I should return to Rahim and ensure that the girl made her way home safely.