Quest:Wings of the Raven
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Eiglophian Mountains
Quest Starts At The Raven's Bargain

Objective/s • Talk to Rogan in the Eiglophian Mountains

Reward 16,885xp

1 57 56

I. The Raven's Bargain[]


  • Talk to Rogan in the Eiglophian Mountains

Journal Entry[]

On the body of one of the Black Skull Necromancers I found a note, strangely different to the others I have found. In this note the Raven describes the details of the attack on Tarantia Noble District. Towards the end the letter notes that "all has been done as you wished" and then mentions that in return "the settlement of Dinog and the old man Rogan" will be spared. The final lines of script on the note are written in the runes of the Vanir. I also found a single black feather on the body, which seemed significant somehow. I should probably hold on to it. If I am to find out the true motivations of the Raven, I must travel to the Settlement of Dinog in the Eiglophian Mountains and meet this Rogan.


XP: 16,885
Money: 1 57 56