Hyboria Map

Questing in Hyboria[]

Quests in Age of Conan are tasks that characters can perform to gain experience, explore the world of the Hyborian Age, and obtain loot and gear. For most players they are the primary avenue for character advancement. For a list of available quests, please see the Questing Portal.

Obtaining Quests[]

There are several ways to obtain quests:

  • Talking and interacting with NPCs
  • Examining objects in the environment
  • Receiving quests from another player using the "share" function
  • Completing another quest
  • Starting a new character (to start on the Destiny Quest series)

NPCs that will give you new quests can often be seen on the map with a yellow exclamation mark, provided that you are close enough to them. Note that some quests that are meant for significantly lower-level characters will not have the exclamation mark over their heads, although you can still obtain and complete such quests by talking to those NPCs. If the exclamation mark over the NPC is gray, this means that this NPC will have a quest for you when you are higher level.

Note that the number of quests that can be active simultaneously is limited to 30. You can see how many quests you currently have in the top left corner of your quest journal.

Completing Quests

Each quest has one or more objectives that must be completed to finish the quest and obtain its rewards. In most cases the quest tracker option (which is enabled by default, but can be deactivated in the interface options) will help you find the location where the next step(s) of the quests can be completed. If you are stuck on a quest even with the quest tracker enabled, you may want to look at the article for the corresponding quest for clues to completing it.

Quest Areas



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